Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"Let There Be Light!"

"Let There Be Light!"
By John of AllFaith © 12.17.2007

The Holy One looked into the Dark Cloud of material existence and said, "How can I help these beings find freedom and return Home to Me?"

And the Holy One looked and behold, the peoples of the planet were divided, each said, "I have increased with goods and power and have need of nothing!"

And the Holy One was saddened because the people did not understand.
So the Holy One sent unto them religious thinkers who might unify the people around the One Truth, and the people said, "Yes we will learn more from you, for behold what the Holy One has wrought among us!"

And the people honored their teachers and the teachers said among themselves, "Behold! My insights are deeper than those of all others. I should be honored above all my peers!

And the people replied, "Yes! Your words are supreme! By receiving these truths we will be glorified beyond all others! But for those others, their saying are strange to our ears. They speak blasphemies and must be punished! What shall we do about them?

And the masters replied, "Behold! Truth is One, the sages merely call it by different names."

But the people said, "Nay! Our light is higher than all other lights! We will vanquish those infidels of different faiths so that our faith will be glorified!"

The Holy One looked upon the people and wept tears that fell upon the earth as tears of sorrow.

But the people proclaimed, Behold! These waters show that we are approved!" But the Holy never said this thing.

And the Holy One rose up in their midst other teachers who might lead the people into the ways of love.

And the people said, "Who are these people who speak things our Holy religion forbids?" And they took those teachers and killed them in diverse ways and the people said, "We are righteous!"

And the Holy One wept.

From time to time the Holy One sent unto the people teachers who presented the Ways of Love in ways the people might understand, and some heard these teachings and held them to heart, and they were blessed.

But others did not receive the teachers and they did lie, changing of the Holy Words they had been given into something never intended. Words of hatred and exclusion.

These created diverse religions and preached their teachings and there was much sadness and bloodshed and much knowledge was forgotten.

Then the Holy One sent others who spread the truth of universal love and many people embraced the Light and it was good.

One such teacher met a person and said, "Behold here is Truth!"

And that person asked, "Where is Truth?"

And the teacher said, "You can be a Jew."

And the person replied, "But I was born a Gentile."

And the teacher said, "Behold, You can convert."

And the person said, "But the 613 Commandments are too difficult for me."

And the teacher said, "Behold, you can be a Hindu."

And the person replied, "But there are too many gods."

And the teacher said, "Behold, You can be an Advaitin."

And the person said, "But there is no god there."

And the teacher said, "Behold, you can be a Christian."

And the person said, "But their truth is too externalized."

And the teacher said, "Behold, you can be a Tibetan Buddhist."

And the person said, "But their practice is too loud."

And the teacher said, "Behold, you can practice Zen,"

And the person replied, "But my concentration is too weak."

And the teacher said, "Behold, You can be a Sikh."

And the student replied, "But their hair and beards are too long."

And the teacher said, "Behold, you can be a Vaisnava."

And the person replied, "But they shave their heads and beards."

And the teacher said, "Behold, you can be a neo-Pagan."

And the person replied, "But their traditions are too new."

And the teacher said, "Behold, you can be a Taoist."

And the person replied, "But they are too Chinese."

And the teacher said, "Behold, you can be a Scientologist."

And the person replied, "But their teachings are too expensive."

And the teacher said, "Behold, you can be a Muslim."

And the person replied, "But their religion is too strict."

And the teacher said, "Behold, you can pray for guidence."

And the person said, "But I don't know who to pray to."

And the teacher said, "Behold you can meditate."

And the person said, "But I do not know how."

And the teacher said, "Behold, sit quietly and listen to your breath.

And the person replied, "Don't tell me what to do you damn know-it-all!"

And the Holy One sighed.

And the people said, "Behold! If there was a God we would be led!"

And the scientists agreed and said, "Behold! There is no God!"

And the Capitalists said, "We will lead you!" And they became exceedingly rich while the people worked hard.

But the people said, "We will do as you lead," and they became drones unto their Capitalist masters.

And soon 2 percent of the people owned eighty five percent of the wealth and the Capitalists said, "Behold, it is good... but we want more!"

And it came to pass in those days that the earth began to heat and the Scientists said, "It is nothing. Drive your cars and let the pollution increase."

And it was so.

And the poles did melt and the earth was heated and the people used ever stronger sunscreen lest cancers appear on their flesh.

And the ice became water and did flow until much of the world was flooded and many people drowned.

And the Capitalists said, "Behold! for a pretty penny we will sell you boats that you might rise above the waters of the earth!"

And in those days did the Holy One weep and say, "Let Us try this again!"

And Behold, There was a new heaven and a new earth, for the former heavens and the former earth was found unworthy.

And the Holy One said, "Maybe they will do better this time!"

And it may be so...