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Biden and Obama on the 2nd Ammendment and Guns Right

Perhaps no Amendment to the US Constitution has been under attack for so long and so vehemently as the Second Amendment:

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

At no time in our nation's history has the importance of this Amendment been more obvious!
At no time in our nation's history has this Amendment be so threatened.

Joe Biden’s Anti Gun Rights Record:

Biden's Gun-Ban Connection:


The Obama/Biden ticket is the most anti-gun presidential campaign in recent memory. In Obama, you have a former board member of the Joyce Foundation who steered millions of dollars towards gun-control groups. He's touted his support for bans on handguns and a 500 percent increase on taxes for guns and ammunition, and has called for bans on ammunition (including some of the most popular hunting ammunition).

His running mate, Joe Biden, is a career anti-gun politician. Remember 1994? Remember those dark days when the Clinton administration and their cronies in Congress banned semi-automatic firearms based entirely on cosmetic features? Guess who was one of those most responsible for that gun ban? None other than Joe Biden.

Biden has consistently voted against your Second Amendment rights as a U.S. senator, and Obama's made it clear that his vision of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is meaningless. This pair, if elected, would be the biggest threat to your firearm freedoms in decades, and that's with the recent decision in the Heller case. We can't afford to stay home on Election Day, and we can't afford to stay silent between now and then. It's our job to speak up and speak out about the Obama/Biden ticket so that every gun owner is aware of what's at stake ... nothing less than the continued exercise of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.


Californians for
GE-Free Agriculture

- News in Genetic Engineering -

August 30, 2008


First State Bill Regarding Genetically Engineered Crops
Awaits Governor's Signature

August 30, 2008 - A landmark piece of legislation protecting California's farmers from crippling lawsuits was passed through both legislative houses this week in an end-of-session flurry. The Senate voted 23 - 14 to support it, and the Assembly was unanimous in their support. The bill, AB 541 (Huffman, D-Marin/Sonoma), is now headed to the Governor's desk for his signature. Sponsored by diverse organizations, some of whom are traditionally opposed on farm issues, AB 541 is the first bill passed by the California legislature that brings much-needed regulation to genetically engineered (GE) crops.

"I am very pleased that my office, working with the stakeholders on both sides of this historically divisive issue, was able to find common ground and pass California's first legislation on genetic engineered crops," stated Assemblymember Huffman. "While there is still work to be done on other aspects of genetic engineering, AB 541 is an important step in establishing basic protections for California's farmers."

AB 541 enacts protections against lawsuits brought against California farmers who have not been able to prevent the inevitable - the drift of GE pollen or seed onto their land and the subsequent contamination of their non-GE crops. Currently, farmers with crops that become contaminated by patented seeds or pollen have been the target of harassing lawsuits brought by biotech patent holders, particularly Monsanto. The bill also establishes a mandatory crop sampling protocol to prevent biotech companies that are investigating alleged violations from sampling crops without the explicit permission of farmers.

AB 541 has the support of organizations traditionally on opposite sides of the GE issue, and its sponsors are confident that the Governor will sign it. The bill was sponsored by a thirteen-member coalition including Community Alliance with Family Farmers, Earthbound Farm, California Certified Organic Farmers, United Natural Foods Inc., as well as California Farmers Union and the California Farm Bureau, and several others.

"AB 541 is a move in the right direction," stated Renata Brillinger, director of the Genetic Engineering Policy Project, the coalition of organic and conventional farmers, food industry, environmental, and faith organizations sponsoring AB 541. "It provides much needed protection for farmers who typically lack the resources to fight lawsuits brought by biotech conglomerates."

A copy of the bill can be downloaded at:

# # #

California Certified Organic Farmers · California Church IMPACT · Center for Food Safety ·
Center for Environmental Health · Community Alliance with Family Farmers · Earthbound Farm ·
Ecological Farming Association · Environment California · Good Earth Natural Foods · Occidental Arts & Ecology Center · Oakland Institute · Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Co-op ·
Pesticide Action Network North America · United Natural Foods, Inc.

Help Build the California GE-Free Network

As one of the largest agricultural economies in the world, California has the opportunity to become a leader in safeguarding our public and private lands, fisheries, forests, schools, gardens and nurseries from GE contamination.

If GE is an issue that you are concerned about and you are not already a member, sign on to the
Cal GE-Free list serve to receive this newsletter.

To make a tax-deductible donation, send a check payable to Cal GE-Free to:
15290 Coleman Valley Rd., Occidental, CA 95465.


War With Russia Becomes More Likely

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While the west has either been celebrating McCain's wise pick of Governor Sarah Palin as his VP, condemning it as fool-hearty, or trying to spin it to Obama's advantage somehow, NATO, the EU and the Bilderberg Elite seem to be preparing for the onset of World Ward Three (or World War Four as the Elite call it -- they seem to consider the "Cold War" WW3) complete with nukes!

In response to the US backed Georgian genocide of the people of South Ossetia Russia sent in troops and rescued many people there. Amidst this humanitarian campaign the US and NATO convinced Poland to change its mind and allow the missile shield system to be placed in their state (formerly country) against Russian legitimate territorial and security concerns.

Faced with this growing threat Russia used their military presence in the region to make a clear public statement: Russia is not Iraq. They will not allow the Bilderberg Group to threaten their existence, nor to seize control of their massive oil reserves nor to intimate them.

Russia promised and now appears to be preparing for serious retaliation (possibly nuclear).

As Daily Tech just reported:
Tensions heighten as Russia flexes newfound military muscle.

Upping the ante in the recent geopolitical brinksmanship over Georgia, Poland, and Ukraine, Russia responded by test-firing its new RS-12M nuclear missile.

The test, launched from a point near Moscow, struck a target in Kamchatka nearly 4,000 miles away. Russia and independent observers deemed the test a success....

For this story go here.

Russia is getting ready.

NATO and the EU are also getting ready:

Russia's links to West scrutinized after Georgia

By Conor Sweeney 2 hours, 15 minutes ago


MOSCOW (Reuters) - European heavyweights Germany and Britain questioned Russia's ties with global institutions on Sunday, a day before EU leaders meet to decide what action to take over the Kremlin's intervention in Georgia.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev sent troops and tanks into Georgia this month to stop what he called a genocide against separatist regions, but he now faces growing condemnation in the West, which accuses Russia of occupying parts of Georgia.

Georgia's pro-Western government, which last week severed diplomatic ties with Russia, said it had pulled out of a long-standing peacekeeping deal that Moscow has used to justify the presence of its troops inside Georgia.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he would be pushing for a "root and branch" review of ties with Russia when he joins other EU leaders for an emergency summit in Brussels on Monday, and an ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Russia should be suspended from the Group of Eight.

But Moscow's Brussels envoy dismissed as "unrealistic" all suggestions that Europe might try to isolate Russia on the international stage.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who holds the rotating EU presidency, called the summit so the bloc can respond to Russia's intervention in Georgia and its recognition of independence for two breakaway regions.

"In the light of Russian actions, the EU should review -- root and branch -- our relationship with Russia," Brown wrote in a comment published in Britain's Observer newspaper. He made no mention of possible EU sanctions against Russia.

Referring to Russia's role as a supplier of more than a quarter of Europe's gas -- which some analysts say has tempered European condemnation -- Brown said: "No nation can be allowed to exert an energy stranglehold over Europe."

[Note: Brown is saying that NO NATION on earth has the right to decide how it will use its own natural resources!]

Eckart von Klaeden, who holds the foreign policy brief for Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) in parliament, said leading industrial nations should meet as the G7, without Russia, until Russia complies with international demands.

"The West took Russia in as a member of the G8 grouping of the most important democratic industrial nations even though it fulfilled neither the economic nor the political requirements," von Klaeden wrote in the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

"Thus, these nations should meet in the old G7 format as long as Russia is not prepared to find a solution under the framework of the United Nations."


Asked about challenges to Russia's participation in the G8, Russia's ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, said: "The EU is not in a position to throw Russia out from anywhere."

"Any attempt to isolate Russia would not only be short-sighted but unrealistic," he said in an interview with Reuters, adding he considered the prospect of EU sanctions on Russia "highly improbable."

He also said reports Russia might retaliate against punitive measures by restricting energy supplies to Europe were no more than "rumors" and that Moscow had never used energy as a political weapon.

Russia sent in its troops after Georgia's military tried to retake South Ossetia, one of two Moscow-backed breakaway regions. Russia pulled out the bulk of its forces in line with a French-brokered ceasefire deal.

But it has kept soldiers and equipment in the "security zones," which include undisputed Georgian territory around South Ossetia and the second region of Abkhazia.

Western governments have demanded that Moscow pull its troops back to pre-conflict positions. The Kremlin says the troops are peacekeepers needed to protect the separatist regions from new Georgian aggression.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of provoking the conflict with Georgia to benefit one of the sides in the U.S. presidential race.

[Let's face it, in a war with Russia who wants Obama at the helm instead of a true war hero with a lifetime of experience in dealing with Moscow?]

Britain's Brown said besides a review of ties with Russia, he would be pushing at the EU summit for three measures: a humanitarian aid package for Georgia, the dispatch of EU monitors to the conflict zone and the appointment a special envoy to negotiate with both Tbilisi and Moscow

[Aid for the aggressors rather than the victims?]

Medvedev gave a detailed explanation by telephone of Russia's position on the two breakaway regions to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the Kremlin press service said.

Berlusconi is perceived as one of Moscow's more sympathetic allies inside the 27-member bloc.

Georgia said on Saturday it had annulled a 1994 ceasefire and disengagement agreement -- signed with Moscow after earlier fighting -- that gave Russian peacekeepers the right to a presence in Georgia.

"Now the Russians have no rights whatsoever on Georgian territory ... Their presence here is illegal and they should leave Georgia," Georgian television station Rustavi-2 quoted the Reintegration Minister Temur Iakobashvili as saying.

Signalling Washington's support for its Georgian ally, the navy command ship USS Mount Whitney was en route to Georgia. The Pentagon said it was carrying relief supplies but the Kremlin has accused the United States of military posturing.

(Reporting by Giles Elgood in London, Erik Kirschbaum in Berlin and Mark John in Brussels; editing by Tony Austin and Angus MacSwan)

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What We Know About Sarah Palin From Politico

Sarah Palin: What we know now

Source: Politico

What’s in her passport?

As governor, Palin traveled to Kuwait to visit Alaska National Guard troops and stopped in Germany to visit wounded soldiers. She had to get a new passport before the trip.

Who pays the bills?

Palin draws a $125,000 annual salary as governor. Her husband made $93,000 last year through his work in fishing and oil production.

Does she believe in evolution?

In her 2006 race for governor, Palin dodged a question on evolution, saying: “I'm not going to pretend I know how all this came to be.”

She favors teaching both evolution and creationism in public schools, saying in a gubernatorial debate: “Teach both. You know, don't be afraid of information. ... Healthy debate is so important and it's so valuable in our schools. I am a proponent of teaching both.”

What’s her family life like?

We know Palin and her husband have five children, the oldest of whom is about to enter the Army and the youngest of whom was born this year with Down syndrome. Her sister has been involved in a messy divorce and custody battle; some have alleged that Palin tried to get her ex-brother-in-law fired from his job as a state trooper.

Has she been nice to people on the way up?

She’s made a few enemies, that’s for sure. Palin has made her reputation, in large part, by going after other Alaska Republicans — and some of them are now returning the favor. State Senate President Lyda Green has already responded to Palin’s nomination by declaring: “She’s not prepared to be governor. How can she be prepared to be vice president or president?” The state House speaker was terse in responding to questions about her qualifications: “She’s old enough. … She’s a U.S. citizen.”

In my opinion Sarah Palin's not perfect but she is by far closer to it than Obama and Lyin' Biden... and John McCain for that matter.

Should something happen to John McCain she has the experience (as a governor and a mayor of Alaska's fastest growing city) to take the reigns and in 2012 she would be a formidable opponent to Hillary's next run.

Not Great
But MUCH Better Than The Alternative

Who is Sarah Palin?

Who Is Sarah Palin?

In my opinion
Sarah Palin's not perfect but she is by far closer to it than Obama and Lyin' Biden... and John McCain for that matter.

Should something happen to John McCain she has the experience (as a governor and a mayor of Alaska's fastest growing city) to take the reigns and in 2012 she would be a formidable opponent to Hillary's next run.

Friday, August 29, 2008 10:40 AM

By: Mike Coppock
Sarah Palin has emerged as John McCain's vice-presidential running mate.
Palin talked to Newsmax magazine for its upcoming September 2008 issue about
Alaskan oil, global warming, and John McCain.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is a God-fearing, gun-toting former beauty queen who
could just become America´s next vice president.

In Alaska, the right to bear arms means staying on top of the food chain.
Palin, a lifelong member of the National Rifle Association, hunts, shoots, and

Husband Todd holds a commercial fishing license for salmon. In the
mid-1990s, when Todd got a job working on Alaska´s North Slope, Palin decided to
occupy herself by becoming mayor of Wasilla, the state's fastest-growing

As mayor, she gradually grew frustrated with Alaska´s "good ol´ boy" style
of governance -- so she decided to do something about it. She ran for
governor in 2006 and won, defeating popular former Democratic Gov. Tony Knowles.
Palin´s victory made her Alaska's first female chief executive, and its

Now, many insiders believe this 44-year-old mother of five would add a
strong conservative presence to the GOP ticket.

Palin tells Newsmax that it´s high time Congress allows the development of
Alaska´s wealth of oil and gas. She doubts global warming stems from human
activity, and she considers herself both a fiscal and social conservative.
Are you open to running as McCain´s vice president?

Palin: I have so much on my plate as governor, it´s hard to even imagine
such an offer. I would just have to cross that bridge when it comes.
What do you think of McCain´s chances, and what should he and the GOP do to
win in November?

I believe John McCain will be our next president. To win, he needs to
continue his message that America needs leadership devoted to the public interest
-- not the special interest. The GOP needs to live the planks of its platform,
not just offer lip service.

How did you pull off your election victory as governor?

Alaska was ready for a positive change and tired of the good ol´ boy
network. It caused many Alaskans to lose faith in their government. People want
faith in their government. I have been able to pass a comprehensive reform law
and place the state's checkbook online. You can be a reformer and also be a

And your stand on abortion?

I'm pro-life. I'll do all I can to see every baby is created with a future
and potential. The legislature should do all it can to protect human life.
Politically, how would you describe yourself?

Fiscally and socially, I am a conservative. My respect for the three
different branches of government and the balance between them has been my guide.
If you were running for president, what causes would you champion?

I would push for a strong military and a sound energy policy. I believe that
Alaska can help set an example on energy policy.

Speaking of energy, how much oil and gas does America really have?
We have billions and billions of barrels of oil and trillions of feet of
natural gas. We have so much potential from tapping our resources here in
Alaska. And we can do this with minimum environmental impact. We have a very
pro-development president in President Bush, and yet he failed to push for opening
up parts of Alaska to drilling through Congress -- and a
Republican-controll ed Congress, I might add.
I thought when we hit $100 a barrel for oil it would have been a
psychological barrier that would have caused Congress to reconsider, but they didn't.
Now we are approaching $200 a barrel. It's nonsense not to tap a safe domestic
source of oil. I think Americans need to hold Congress accountable on this

What is your take on global warming and how is it affecting our country?

A changing environment will affect Alaska more than any other state, because
of our location. I'm not one though who would attribute it to being

© 2008 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

In my opinion
Sarah Palin's not perfect but she is by far closer to it than Obama and Lyin' Biden... and John McCain for that matter.

Should something happen to John McCain she has the experience (as a governor and a mayor of Alaska's fastest growing city) to take the reigns and in 2012 she would be a formidable opponent to Hillary's next run.

Not Great But MUCH Better Than The Alternative

Friday, August 29, 2008

AllFaith Comix: McCain Just Cinched The Election! First Female VP chosen!

Sarah Palin Cinches McCain's Election!

It is difficult to imagine a better choice for McCain's running mate than Sarah Palin!

Thank God he didn't choose Mit Romney!

Governor Palin is an intelligent politician with a history of defending the environment while working closely with the oil industry. She is pro life and
a prominent member of Feminists for Life, which is a great plus in my opinion. She opposes same gender marriage unfortunately but does have ties to the LGBT community and is not anti-gay.

Sarah Palin leans more to the Right than I'd prefer, but she is a balanced and moderate person who I believe we can trust with the difficult decisions. In the event something happens to McCain she would not be the nightmare Lyin' Biden would be under the same circumstances.

If she was running for president instead of vice president I'd have a ticket I could actually FOR. As it is, I'm still not happy with McCain but this selection cinches that my vote against Obama will go for McCain/Palin.

McCain taps Alaska governor for VP

DAYTON, Ohio – Republican John McCain introduced first-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate Friday, a stunning selection designed to get an edge in the increasingly competitive White House race.

"She's exactly who I need. She's exactly who this country needs to help me fight the same old Washington politics of 'Me first and country second,' " McCain declared as the pair stood together for the first time at a boisterous rally in Ohio just days before the opening of the party's national convention.

Palin, the first Republican woman on a presidential ticket, promised: "I'm going to take our campaign to every part of our country and our message of reform to every voter of every background in every political party, or no party at all."

"... Politics isn't just a game of competing interests and clashing parties," added the Palin, 44, who has built her career in large measure by challenging fellow Republicans.

In the increasingly intensive presidential campaign, McCain made his selection six days after his Democratic rival, Barack Obama, named Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware, as his No. 2 on the ticket.

The contrast between the two announcements was remarkable — Obama, 47, picked a 65-year-old running mate with long experience in government and a man whom he said was qualified to be president. The timing of McCain's selection appeared designed to limit any political gain Obama derives from his own convention, which ended Thursday night with his nominating acceptance speech before an estimated 84,000 in Invesco Field in Colorado.

Public opinion polls show a close race between Obama and McCain, and with scarcely two months remaining until the election, neither contender can allow the other to jump out to a big post-convention lead.

On his 72nd birthday, McCain chose Palin, a woman younger than two of the Arizonan's seven children and a person who until recently was the mayor of small-town Wasilla, Alaska and has been governor less than two years. He settled on her six months after first meeting the governor and following only one phone call between them last Sunday and a single face-to-face meeting Thursday, according to a timeline provided by his campaign.

The Obama campaign immediately questioned whether she would be prepared to step in and be president if necessary.

"Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency," Adrianne Marsh, a spokeswoman for Obama, said in a written statement. A statement was put out on Obama's plane with the candidate merely welcoming her to the campaign.

President Bush complimented McCain for "an exciting decision."

"Governor Palin is a proven reformer who is a wise steward of taxpayer dollars and champion for accountability in government," a presidential statement said. "By selecting a working mother with a track record of getting things done, Senator McCain has once again demonstrated his commitment to reforming Washington."

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who came so close to being the first major party woman presidential candidate, said in a statement: "We should all be proud of Gov. Sarah Palin's historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Sen. McCain. While their policies would take America in the wrong direction, Gov. Palin will add an important new voice to the debate."

"It's an absolutely brilliant choice," said Mathew Staver, dean of Liberty University School of Law. "This will absolutely energize McCain's campaign and energize conservatives," he predicted.

Palin's name had not been on the short list of people heavily reported upon by the news media in recent days, and McCain's decision was a well-kept secret until just a couple hours before Friday's rally.

McCain's campaign said that Palin and a top aide met with senior McCain advisers in Flagstaff, Ariz., on Wednesday night. The next morning, the campaign said McCain formally invited Palin to join the ticket on the deck of McCain's home near Sedona, Ariz., and later Thursday the governor flew to Middletown, Ohio, with staff to await Friday's event in Dayton.

Describing the process that led to her selection, Palin told reporters she'd received word that she was McCain's choice on Thursday and had met privately with him that day to discuss it. She spoke briefly as the two running mates surprised shoppers at the Buckeye Corner in Columbus, Ohio, where they purchased Ohio State University sports memorabilia. McCain and Palin started a bus tour across Ohio and to Pittsburgh, where they will hold a campaign rally Saturday. Ohio and Pennsylvania are two states that figure prominently in who wins the election this fall.

Asked why McCain chose her, his campaign manager Rick Davis said, "Part of it is personal fit."

"He sees Sarah, Governor Palin, as the future of the party," he added. "These are people he'd like to elevate in that regard. reformers."

Sharyl Odenweller, a retired teacher from Delphos, Ohio who was visiting the store, said she was pleased that McCain had chosen a woman and someone "very pro life." But, Odenweller also said, "I'd like to know more about her experience. If something happened to him, would she be qualified to step into the presidency?"

With his pick, McCain passed over more prominent contenders like former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, as well as others such as former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, whose support for abortion rights might have sparked unrest at the convention that opens Monday in St. Paul, Minn.

A self-styled hockey mom and political reformer, Palin became governor after ousting a state chief executive of her own party in a primary.

More recently, she has come under the scrutiny of an investigation by the Republican-controlled legislature into the possibility that she ordered the dismissal of Alaska's public safety commissioner because he would not fire her former brother-in-law as a state trooper.

Palin has a long history of run-ins with the Alaska GOP hierarchy, giving her genuine maverick status and reformer credentials that could complement McCain's image.

Her husband, Todd Palin, is part Yup'ik Eskimo, and is a blue-collar North Slope oil worker who competes in the Iron Dog, a 1,900-mile snowmobile race. The couple lives in Wasilla. They have five children, the youngest of whom was born in April with Down syndrome.


Associated Press Writer Liz Sidoti reported for this story from Denver.

AllFaith Comics: Everyone Wants Peace With Russia... except...

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Hans-Dietrich Genscher calls to avoid Russia-West conflict escalation

Genscher/photo EPAThe former German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher calls for preventing the escalation of the conflict between Russia and the West over the developments in the Caucasus. He says in an interview with the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung newspaper that the Euroepan Union should take measures to ease the situation in the first place. Herr Genscher specifies that the EU should continue making efforts to sign an agreement on partnership with Russia. Meanwhile the German political analyst Lorenz Haag feels that Moscow’s recognition of South Ossetia’s and Abkhazia’s independence was a responsible and courageous decision, a decision, Herr Haag says, that reflects the will of the state that wishes no more powder kegs in the Caucasus and elsewhere in the world. He describes as counterproductive the proposals by some western politicians to isolate Russia. We can succeed, Haag says, if only we act all together, seeing Russia as an important political and economic partner.

France to enhance its consulate nets in Russia, India and China

Speaking at an ambassadorial meeting in Paris on Thursday, the French FM, Bernard Kouchner, said that his country was going to enhance its consulate nets in Russia, India and China in the immediate future. Mr.Kouchner added that the move comes in the wake of France’s increasing business and economic cooperation with these three countries.

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Why Is Islam Rising?

Why Is Islam Rising?

After beholding a few of the photos of the London Muslim protests, my dearest and oldest friend asked WHY Islam is so angry. In this piece I will attempt to explain.

Howdy Ed,

Perhaps I can explain this.

From their perspective the West, especially the UK and the US, is waging a war of cultural imperialism against Islam. Remember that Islam is both a religion (deen) and a political body (ummah).

Devout Muslims see the way Christianity has been watered down by western culture and is "dying on the vine" and they don't want the same to happen to the deen (religion) of Islam. To some degree it is happening throughout the world. Western cultural imperialism is sweeping through the eastern world as never before. Many places in the east, both in the Islamic lands and elsewhere, are now rejecting God and spiritual reality is in exchange for western Secular Humanism, greed, and Corporatism. India is a very tragic case in point. Globalization is fast destroying what was for thousands of years has been the most spiritual land on earth. What Islam (and most other ethical systems) see as morality is becoming almost non-existent in the West.

The London riots were calls to morality (from their perspective) and an end to attacks on Muslims and the deen. Believing the entire world belongs to God, Islam does not recognize national boundaries. Now that Muslims live in London and other western areas the Ummah demands Sharia (God's Law) be enforced in those areas. From their perspective of course. Islam is not so much trying to take over the west as it bring it into rightful submission to God. This is their view.

The United States and the UK has invaded the Muslim world (Afghanistan, Iraq, etc), killing millions of Muslim men women and children and torturing thousands without any just cause whatsoever. The US is threatening the very existence of the Muslim way of life and they are merely, understandably, fighting back.

Also, they believe -- I obviously do not --- that Eretz Israel (the Land of Israel) is theirs and that it was stolen from them in part as an insult to Islam. Having a Jewish homeland in the middle of the Muslim World is a great offense to the Islamic Ummah from their point of view, all the more so in the third holiest region (according to the deen: Mecca, Medina, Zion/Jerusalem).

The UK "gave" the Jews the Land in Lord Balfour's treaty (1913) and in 1948 (when Israel was formally established). The US and the UK are Israel's strongest/only real allies. The Ummah is trying to get the US and the UK to abandon Israel and they believe that such protests are effective to this end. They believe they can frighten the West enough to drop Israel as too much trouble. It seems to be working. Bush still says he plans on giving half of Holy Zion to the Ummah before leaving office in January. With the ouster of Olmert HOPEFULLY this wont happen but Candi Rice recently told the "Palestinian president" that this is still planed. Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinitch all want to abandon Israel to the Ummah if elected. The Political Left want to abandon Israel for the most part and the large part of the so-called peace movement, groups like the International Answer, Moveon.Org, the Green party, etc. are devoted to Israel's complete destruction. This is ONE reason there are not that many serious protests happening now by the away. People like me refuse to march with anti-Semites! The last big "peace rally" I went to (in San Fran) looked more like a Nazi street party than a peace rally!

Also... Muslims also believe we are living in the End of Days. According to their prophecies the united armies of the Ummah will destroy Hinduism from the Indian Subcontinent and capture East Jerusalem (which not "coincidentally" is the section Bush wants to give them). Jesus ("Second Coming") and Master Madhi (the 12th imam, a physical descendant of Prophet Muhammad) are expected to meet in East Jerusalem and based there to destroy all Jews on earth along with all who support them, beginning in Israel. From there, Jesus and the Madhi are to establish a global Sharia (Law) based caliphate (government) and bring in a time of global peace and submission -- ie the Kingdom.

How they are seeking to do this is spelled out clearly in the Muslim Brotherhood Project documents. MANY people who believe Barrack Husein Obama is a covert Muslim are referring to the clear statements of this document, that the Ummah will infiltrate the West by having secret Muslims elected to high and low offices. I am NOT saying this is the case with Obama... nor am I am saying its not.

But as Sheik Osama bin Laden explained:

This battle is not between al Qaeda and the U.S. This is a battle of Muslims against the global crusaders. In the past when al Qaeda fought with the mujahedeen, we were told, "Wow, can you defeat the Soviet Union?" The Soviet Union scared the whole world then. NATO used to tremble of fear of the Soviet Union. Where is that power now? We barely remember it. It broke down into many small states and Russia remained.

God, who provided us with his support and kept us steadfast until the Soviet Union was defeated, is able to provide us once more with his support to defeat America on the same land and with the same people. We believe that the defeat of America is possible, with the help of God, and is even easier for us, God permitting, than the defeat of the Soviet Union was before…

… Just as they're killing us, we have to kill them so that there will be a balance of terror. This is the first time the balance of terror has been close between the two parties, between Muslims and Americans, in the modern age. American politicians used to do whatever they wanted with us. The victim was forbidden to scream or to moan...."

Maranatha my brother, the Day is Drawing Near

Israel is the KEY!

~ John

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dalai Lama admitted to hospital

Let's pray for the Dalai Lama!

Dalai Lama admitted to hospital


Dalai Lama arrives at Indian hospital, 28 Aug 2008
The Dalai Lama arrives at hospital and will undergo tests on Friday

The Dalai Lama has been taken to hospital in the Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay) complaining of stomach pains.

The 73-year-old exiled Tibetan spiritual leader had cancelled all his international trips on Wednesday saying he was suffering from exhaustion.

A spokesman said the ailment had not yet been diagnosed but it appeared there was no cause for concern.

The Dalai Lama has lived in Dharamsala, northern India, since fleeing Tibet after an abortive uprising in 1959.

Trips cancelled

His spokesman, Tenzin Taklha, told the AFP news agency: "There is nothing major to feel concerned about. But he has been admitted to the Lilivati Hospital in Mumbai because he was feeling some discomfort in his abdomen.

"The Dalai Lama will be examined by doctors tomorrow (Friday)."

A spokesman for the hospital said the Dalai Lama had had his six-monthly check-up about a month ago and was "in perfect health".

Mr Taklha said the Dalai Lama would stay in Mumbai for a few days before returning to Dharamsala.

The Dalai Lama earlier cancelled two forthcoming trips to Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

He has just returned from an 11-day trip to France, one of a number of foreign trips he has made this year to highlight the Tibetan issue.

China has stepped up its verbal attacks on the Nobel peace prize winner since violence broke out against Chinese rule in Tibet in March.

Beijing has accused the Dalai Lama of stirring up unrest, a charge he denies.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

AllFaith Comix: Its Official: Obama is the First Non-White Nominee of Any Major US Political Party

Its Official: Obama is the First Non-White Nominee of Any Major US Political Party

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Who cares, I'm glad YOU'RE here!

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Star Wars Made Me this Way!

The release of Stars Wars Made Me This Way is getting closer!!!!

From the Official Star Wars Made Me This Way web site:

I was 20 years old when A New Hope came out and I immediately fell in love with the story, but it was Empire that hooked me. At the time I was hitchhiking my way through various countries visiting temples etc. and Yoda blew my mind! I couldn’tbelieve that a popular movie was offering such wonderful teachings and entertainment. Plus the love child of Kermit and Miss Piggy to boot! It was Dharma bum heaven!

As my sons came of age I played them the VCR tapes of the Original Trilogy and they loved them. For Episode One we spent 16 hours on the streets of Santa Cruz to buy the tickets and another day and a half for the first midnight showing; we saw Episode One six times in the first week as I recall. We loved it (other than the casting for young Anakin). At the time I was pastoring a small church in Santa Curch and did a sermon on the movie, its at

For episodes 2 and 3 we also waited in lines, though not for as long and loved them all (and loved Hayden Christensen's Anakin as well).

When I first saw Jar Jar Binks I loved him and still do. It seems to me that a universe with a Yoda and a Palpatine must have Jar Jars as well. He provides the balance needed for the films. I was happy to see the wide appreciation for my Jedi Jar Jar costume at C IV and plan to have better costumes for him to wear for C V and beyond. People can say what they will, but Jar Jar has a lot of fans!

I'd say my favorite characters are Yoda, Obi Wan, Qui-Gon, Jar Jar, Chewbacca, Luke and so on. I'm a Lightsider through and through.

I love all six movies (5,6,3,4,2,1), but my sons leave me in the dust as fans! They can quote almost the entire series word for word and also have a firm hold on the EU, something I haven't delved into much. I've probably seen the the Original Trilogy about 50 times, the prequels around 30. My younger son (18) has seen them all over 100 times, has read most of the books and comics, seen the cartoons etc. We are definitely a Star Wars family.


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AllFaith Comix: Where's Obama?

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Happy Janmastami!!!!!!!

Happy Krsna Janmastami!

Which Is To Say:

Happy Birthday Sri Krsna!

By John of AllFaith © Sept 3, 2007

Who is Sri Krsna?

The Srimad Bhagavatam (also known as the Bhagavata Purana) describes a most remarkable event:

1.3.1: Sūta said: In the beginning of the creation, the Lord first expanded Himself in the universal form of the puruṣa incarnation and manifested all the ingredients for the material creation. And thus at first there was the creation of the sixteen principles of material action. This was for the purpose of creating the material universe.
1.3.2: A part of the puruṣa lies down within the water of the universe, from the navel lake of His body sprouts a lotus stem, and from the lotus flower atop this stem, Brahmā, the master of all engineers in the universe, becomes manifest.

[May I add: Devout Hindus debate certain aspects of how this manifest material existence came about, what it is in actuality and what function it serves, but the Bhagavata Purana is clear that the Ek Devata or One God sent forth Avatars or Divine expansions "out" into the material multiverse. There is only One God however this utterly inconceivable Being sends expansions out into the multiverse as He pleases and for His own purposes. Some of these Avatars are almost the complete Divinity while others are "lesser expansions." With reference to these expansions of the One Divinity we continue with the Bhagavatam:]

1.3.22: In the eighteenth incarnation, the Lord appeared as King Rāma. In order to perform some pleasing work for the demigods, He exhibited superhuman powers by controlling the Indian Ocean and then killing the atheist King Rāvaṇa, who was on the other side of the sea.
1.3.23: In the nineteenth and twentieth incarnations, the Lord advented Himself as Lord Balarāma and Lord Krsna in the family of Vrsni [the Yadu dynasty], and by so doing He removed the burden of the world.
1.3.24: Then, in the beginning of Kali-yuga, the Lord will appear as Lord Buddha, the son of Añjanā, in the province of Gayā, just for the purpose of deluding those who are envious of the faithful theist.
1.3.25: Thereafter, at the conjunction of two yugas, the Lord of the creation will take His birth as the Kalki incarnation and become the son of Visnu Yaśā. At this time the rulers of the earth will have degenerated into plunderers.
1.3.26: O brāhmanas, the incarnations of the Lord are innumerable, like rivulets flowing from inexhaustible sources of water.

According to many Hindus Sri Krsna is the Supreme Personality of God, the Ek Devata fully manifested on earth in His Original Form as no other. Other equally knowledgeable and devout Hindus see Sri Krsna as a primary incarnation or expansion of Lord Visnu (or Lord Narayana).

Similar to Christian theology, in standard Indian spiritual understanding the Ek Devata (or One God) is conceived as a Trinity as Lord Brahma (the Creator), Lord Visnu (the Sustainer) and Lord Siva (the Transformer). And yet they understand that despite this apparent diversity, as the Sikhs remind us: Ek-Onkar ("There is Only One God").

In India things are seldom simple! And so some regard Sri Krsna as the Original and Supreme Personalty of Godhead (and Lord Visnu/Narayana as His expansion) while others see Sri Visnu or Lord Siva as the Supreme God from whom all others emerge.

Be that as it may, Janmastami is Sri Krsna's appearance day and this year (2007) it occurs on September 4th (although it actually consists of two days, Krishnashtami and Kalashtami). This weekend most mandirs (temples) are celebrating the birth.

Why Sri Krsna Advented Himself:

Astrologically, Lord Sri Krsna was born under the highly auspicious Rohini nakshatram or Rohini star (ruled over by Lord Brahma Himself) on a dark, stormy and windy Wednesday night over 5000 years ago. No one knows exactly when although some people claim they do. People are like that.

To appreciate the importance of Sri Krsna's birth we need to understand the timing, because as they say, timing is everything.

Time is real. It is not an illusion although it is temporary. Time has both a beginning and an ending. In the spiritual world there is no time, only eternity. However here the material multiverse passes through an eternal cycle of four limited ages (Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga and the current Kali Yuga). Sri Krsna was born near the conclusion of the third age of Dvapara Yuga and oversaw the transition to our present fourth age of Kali Yuga. It is for this reason in part, that many Vaisnavas (worshipers of Lord Visnu) believe that for this age there is no higher form of Godhead than Sri Krsna.

Sri Krsna's maternal uncle King Kansa was an evil man. The only things he cared about were money, power and his beautiful sister Devaki. Indeed at the conclusion of Dvapara Yuga the world had become overrun with demons and wicked humans and there was none more evil than King Kansa! It was into his royal family that Sri Krsna came to defeat these evil beings and prepare the way for the final age (in this cycle of yugas). Indeed as Sri Krsna explains to his devotee and dear friend Arjuna in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita:

    4:7: Surely, whenever and at whatever time righteousness declines, O descendant of Bharata [India], and there occurs a predominance of unrighteousness, at that time I manifest Myself.
    4:8: In order to deliver saintly people, to destroy the wicked and to firmly reestablish religious principles, I appear age after age.

Mother Devaki's Children:

Sri Krsna's holy mother Devaki was expecting. Mother Devaki was of course King Kansa's sister. During her wedding to Vasudev, a celestial voice proclaimed for all to hear that the eighth son of Devaki would kill the evil King Kansa and bring an end to global demonic tyranny. Among those present was the evil king of Mathura!

Hearing of his upcoming death King Kansa determined to prevent it! He loved his sister dearly but he nonetheless grabbed her and prepared to kill her! If she was dead she couldn't give birth to the child!

Mother Devaki and her equally pious husband Vasudev pleaded with the king and offered to surrender their children to him as soon as they were born. Kansa could do with them as he wished. The destiny of everyone resides within the hands of God. Perhaps He would show mercy to the infants.

This arraingement was acceptable to the King and he had Devaki placed in his prison so his servants could keep an eye on her. As promised Devaki's first six children were duly handed over the King as soon as they were born. Even though the prophecy specified it would be the eighth child who would destroy him, Kansa showed no mercy and had intended to have all the children murdered. Such was his evil.

Balaram (Baladeva):

The seventh child appeared to be a miscarriage but was actually miraculously transfered from the womb of Mother Devaki into the womb of Vasudeva's second wife Rohini and so was spared by the sovereign will of God. His name was Balaram. Like Sri Krsna who was soon to be born, Lord Balaram was an Avatar of the Supreme Lord, the nineteenth Incarnation of Lord Visnu according to the reckoning of the Bhagavatam.

The Birth of Bhagavan Sri Krsna:

Mother Devaki was still in her prison cell and gave birth to her eighth child, Bhagavan (God) Sri (highly respected) Krsna (dark skin). It is said that the Lord's complexion was dark, like the most beautiful rain clouds when they are just about to release their blessings on the thirsty earth.

When the glorious child was born it was immediately apparent that he was no ordinary baby! He came from Mother Devaki's womb wearing a bright yellow silk cloth and costly diamond earrings! On his head was an emerald crown and he could speak! He sat before his mother and she beheld that on the soles of his feet there was a svastika (the ancient symbol of health and prosperity). Imprinted on his tiny hands were lotus and discus symbols. Both Mother Devaki and Vasudeva instantly knew that this baby was an Avatar of the Supreme Lord!

As they beheld the divine child in wonder an amazing chain of events took place and father Vasudeva knew that the child had to survive no matter the results. Just then the gate to the prison flew open and Srila Vasudeva noted that the guards were all fast asleep! It was a miracle intended to help rescue the infant!

I've been to this prison in Mathura, India. It is a very intimidating place! Such an event must surely have given Srila Vasudeva the courage to act.

Vasudeva quickly made his plans to save the divine infant. He called for his friend Nanda Maharaja, King of Vrndavana and protector of the holy cows and asked him to take the baby Krsna away before King Kansa discovered what had happened.

The weather was absolutely horrible! It was as if the multiverse was morning the danger into which the Supreme Person had been placed. Nanda Maharaja gently place the child in a basket and headed out into the stormy night.

As Nanda Maharaja and the newborn baby approached the churning Yamuna River it must have seemed obvious they would not be able to cross; however he was a man of deep and abiding faith! Nanda Maharaja prayed to the Ek Devata for protection and entered the still raging waters carrying the baby in a basket on head.

And then another miracle occurred: As they entered the cold waters Goddess Yamuna Devi, Goddess of the Sacred River, realized her honor at having Sri Krsna enter within her and she immediate calmed her waters and parted them so Nanda and Sri Krsna could cross over unharmed.

The rains continued to pour however and so Shesha Naga, the giant serpent devotee of the Lord rose from out of the dark waters of this holy Ganges tributary and spread his cobra-like umbrella over the divine child to protect baby Krsna.

For his part, Srila Vasudev left the royal palace of King Kansa in Mathura and took another route through the dark and gloomy night. Soon he arrived at the home of Srila Nanda Maharaja, king of the cowherd men and his wife Mother Yasoda, who was queen of all Vrajabhumi, which is to say of the holy city Sri Vrndavana.

Laying on the bed beside Mother Yasoda was her newborn daughter. Vasudev exchanged the baby girl with Sri Krsna and took her back to the palace prison.


Meanwhile back at Kansa's Palace... Hearing that his sister Devaki had given birth to the dreaded eighth child, the one destined to kill him, evil King Kansa rushed into her prison cell and found the exchanged baby laying helpless there and fast asleep. Upon seeing such a glorious child laying peacefully beside her supposed mother you might think the heart of the king would be softened, that he would repent of his evils... You might think so, but you'd be wrong!

The demonic King Kansa went to the child, lifted her up and threw her violently against the stone walls of the cell with all his might intending to destroy her! He would murder the helpless child while (he) was still an infant and there would be no more worries about this Akashvani (this celestial voice) of doom!

However... the daughter of Mother Yesoda was no ordinary child! According to some she is Goddess Durga incarnate, Goddess Kali according to others, but to the Vaisnavas she is the glorious and much beloved Srimati Subhadra. She is not so easily undone!

As the mighty demon King threw the child against the wall... she laughed at him with fiery derision! She flew around the prison cell like a sprite, a fire fly! She then turned herself and faced the mighty King Kansa, "Your destroyer has been born and you will die!" she announced and disappeared.

And so Sri Krsna and his brother Lord Balarama (Rama) grew up together in the most glorious village on earth, Sri Vrndavana dham. FYI, this is not the same Lord Rama as in the Ramayana who also was an Avatar of the Supreme Lord. When Vaisnavas chant the Mahamantra they are referring to Lord Balaram:

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna
Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare hare

When chanting the glories of Lord Rama (of the Ramayana) one of my personal favorites is often recited:

Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jay Jaya Ram
Om Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram
Jaya Sita Rama Jaya Jaya Hanuman
Sri Guru Ram Ananda Bhagavan
Sri Guru Ram Ananda Bhagavan

Shown nearby is the Sri Jagannatha Trimurti, a three-fold form of the Lord: To the Left is Lord Baladeva (Balaram), in the center is Lady Subhadra the Queen of Heaven and to the right is Bhagavan Sri Jagannatha who is none other than Lord Sri Krsna.

Bhagavan Sri Krsna

Sri Krsna and Lord Balaram had many wonderful exploits (or lilas) that space forbids us to discuss here. He fought and bettered countless demons, he tended the cows of Vrajabhumi, he lifted Govardhan Hill and held it over the citizens of Sri Vrndavana dham like an umbrella, he stole butter from the women of the village and was everyone's pride and joy... but none so much as the Gopis! These were the cowherd maidens of Vraja and their leader was the glorious Srimati Radharani with whom Sri Krsna danced the most glorious of all dances, the Rasa Lila.... But there's a divine secret here as well! Srimati Radharani is Herself an expansion of Sri Krsna! The Lord took on this form so that He could fully enjoy the love felt for Him by His devotees! Indeed during that group dance all of the Gopis thought they alone were dancing with Govinda! Such is His mystic opulences!

In India Sri Krsna is perhaps best known for his loving activities in Sri Vrndavana and elsewhere, especially with the Gopis (and for the Kama Sutra)... but for those in the West he is perhaps better known as the chariot driver of the doubting Arjuna during the war of Kuruksetra.

As Dvapara Yuga drew to a close a global civil war was about to begin. The most famous battle of that war is known as the Battle of Kuruksetra. I explain the events leading up this earth changing war elsewhere.

As a famed and glorious Ksatriya (warrior) it was the responsibility of Arjuna to fight with the Pandava armies against the Kuru Dynasty in this inevitable war. But Arjuna didn't want to. As he beheld the soldiers on either side of the field of battle he declared, "I will not fight!"

In his contemplations over the war we see the nature of Kali Yuga defined. Every objection Arjuna raised was correct! And yet still Sri Krsna demanded he fight! Here's an excerpt of Arjuna lament from my translation:

    Bhagavad Gita 1:21-23: Arjuna said, O Unlapsing Vishnu, please place my chariot in the midst of both armies so that I may behold all those desiring to fight, both those with me and those with whom I must enter into this strife of war.
    I wish to look upon those assembled here by the evil minded son of Dhritarastra who are intent upon fighting to please him.
    1:24: Sanjaya said: Thus addressed by Gudakesha [Arjuna], Hrishikesha [Sri Krsna], O descendant of Bharata, placed that best of chariots in the midst of the armies.
    1:25: In the presence of [Grandfather] Bhishma and Drona, as well as all the rulers of the earth, [the Lord] spoke these words: O child of Partha, behold all these Kurus who are thus gathered.
    1:26: There the son of Partha [Arjuna] saw stationed before him fathers, grandfathers, teachers, maternal uncles, brothers, sons, grandsons, friends and fathers-in-law; indeed well-wishers were in both armies.
    1:27: Having seen all these relatives so situated, the son of Kunti [Arjuna] was filled with compassion and with deepest lamentation spoke thus:
    1:28, 29: Arjuna said: O Krishna, seeing all these relatives standing ready and eager to fight, my limbs falter and my mouth is parched.
    My body is trembling and my hairs are standing erect. Gandiva [my bow] is slipping from my hand and indeed, my skin is burning.
    1:30-35: I am unable to stand; my mind seems to reel and I see adverse omens O Keshava [Krishna].
    I see no benefit in killing my own relatives in battle, nor do I desire victory or the kingdom nor [the subsequent] happiness, O Krishna.
    O Govinda, what use to us is the kingdom? Where is the enjoyment in life? For whose sake do we desire the kingdom, material enjoyment and happiness?
    Those for whom we desire these things - our teachers, fathers, sons, indeed, even our grandfathers - are standing ready to battle and give up their lives and wealth.
    Other relations as well, including our maternal uncles, fathers-in-law, grandsons and brothers-in-law; all these I do not wish to kill, even if I am killed by them, O Madhusudana [Krishna].
    O Janardana [Krishna], what pleasure would there be, even if the three worlds were given in exchange for a kingdom; how then for the sake of this earth shall I kill the sons of Dhritarastra?
    1:36: Only guilt will cleave to us by killing these aggressors, therefore we are not justified in slaying the sons of Dhritarastra. Indeed, how can we attain happiness by murdering our relations and relatives, O Madhava [Krishna]?
    1:37, 38: Although these [Kauravas] do not see their fault - their minds being overpowered by greed - the destruction of families and the oppression of friends is a crime.
    Why should we, who know the sin of destroying a dynasty, not cease from this crime, O Janardana [Krishna]?
    1:39-42: With the destruction of a family its noble traditions perish. When its eternal rites and religious principles are destroyed, the whole dynasty is overtaken by irreligion.
    O Krishna, irreligion having become prevalent the women of the family become adulterated. When the women become corrupt, O descendant of Vrishni, caste confusion is generated.
    Such confusion brings to hell the slayers of the family and the family itself. Then the ancestors are deprived of their sacrificial offerings of rice cakes and water and hence they also fall.
    By such faults on the part of the destroyers of the family, caste confusion leads to the devastation of caste religious traditions as well as the eternal family traditions.
    1:43-45: We have heard, O Janardana [Krishna], that those who spoil family traditions have hell as their eternal abode.
    Alas, due to greed for royal pleasures we have determined to commit a great sin and are prepared to kill our own relatives.
    Even if the sons of Dhritarastra, weapons in hand, should kill me unarmed and without resistance in battle, for me, that would be better.
    1:46: Sanjaya said: Having thus spoken, his mind overwhelmed with grief on the battlefield, Arjuna sat down in his chariot and dropped his bow and arrows.

But this war was destined to occur

It marked the beginning of our fourth and final age known as kali Yuga.

Sri Krsna, the Lord of all, agreed to act as Arjuna's charioteer and counselor. As Arjuna expressed his unwillingness to fight, Sri Krsna, who is Bhagavan or God incarnate spoke. This important conversation is recorded in the Mahabharata, "the History of the People of Bharata Varsa [India]," however it is of such important, such glory that it is better known as a stand alone work entitled, The Glorious Song of God or The Srimad Bhagavad Gita. My original translation of this ancient work can be read at my Bhagavad Gita website.

As cited above the Sri Bhagavata Purana accurately foretold the coming of Lord Buddha who was born long after Sri Krsna and his divine brother and exactly as described. The Srimad Bhagavatam also foretells the coming of another Visnu Avatar:

    1.3.25: Thereafter, at the conjunction of two yugas, the Lord of the creation will take His birth as the Kalki incarnation and become the son of Visnu Yaśā. At this time the rulers of the earth will have degenerated into plunderers.

I am absolutely convinced that Lord Kalki will soon arrive at the conjunction of Kali Yuga and Satya Yuga and slay the evil doers even as Lord Buddha came.

According to a literal reading of the Hindu scriptures our present age of Kali Yuga (said to have begun around the year 3102 BCE) should not end for another 428,000 years.

It is taught that as Kali Yuga continues the world will become so vile and evil that those with faith in God will be few and hard to find. They will be ridiculed and condemned by the world, hunted like animals and slaughtered without mercy. People of faith will be forced to live in caves and to salvage for what they can for their survival. Many will commit suicide out of despair, desperation and the desire to go Home to the Ek Devata. Human longevity will gradually decrease. According to the Vedas (and the Bible) people used to live for nearly a thousand years, even longer, but as Kali Yuga took hold humans lives began to shorten to the point that it is now uncommon to see even one's one hundredth birthday. As the world continue to devolve it will be quite literally hell on earth for a long time until finally Lord Kali will appear and end Kali Yuga. Thereafter the first age, Satya Yuga will begin again.

As I see things however this will not happen. My AllFaith spirituality give me hope as I read the promise of Prophet Y'shua be Miriam (Jesus, son of Mary):

    Matthew 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

I am convinced that the description given in the Vedas would be fulfilled as written after the rise of the Rex Mundi (Antichrist/Dijal). However as Sri Krsna explains to his devotee and dear friend Arjuna in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita:

    4:7: Surely, whenever and at whatever time righteousness declines, O descendant of Bharata [India], and there occurs a predominance of unrighteousness, at that time I manifest Myself.
    4:8: In order to deliver saintly people, to destroy the wicked and to firmly reestablish religious principles, I appear age after age.

Just as Lord Sri Krsna eventually defeated King Kansa and as Visnu Avatar Lord Nrsimhadeva defeated the evil Hiranyakasipu, so too will the Shiloh, the Moshiach, Lord Kalki defeat the Antichrist. Out of compassion for the Elect the Ek Devata will send forth our deliverer.

Bhagavad Gita 18:78: Wherever there is Sri Krsna, the Master of yoga, and Arjuna the archer, there is opulence, victory, well being, steadfastness and guidance. This is my conviction.


Look familiar?

And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.
His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.
And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.
And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.
And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.
And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS
-- Revelation 19:11-16

May You Have A Blessed Sri Krsna Janmastami!

Om Tat Sat

John of AllFaith
Jagannatha Prakasa


Jai Jagannatha!
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AllFaith Comix: Don't Question the Propaganda!

Russia Moves To Recognize South Ossetian and Abkhazian Independence

Russian lawmakers recognize Georgia separatists

By MANSUR MIROVALEV, Associated Press Writer 17 minutes ago


MOSCOW - Russia's parliament voted unanimously Monday to urge the president to recognize the independence of Georgia's two breakaway regions, a move likely to stoke further tensions between Moscow and the small Caucasus nation's Western allies.

The votes by both chambers of Russia's parliament, which were not legally binding, come as the White House announced Vice President Dick Cheney would travel to three former Soviet republics next week — Georgia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

"Russia's historic role of the guarantor of piece in the Caucasus has increased," said Boris Gryzlov, speaker of the lower chamber. "The Caucasus has always been and will remain the zone of Russia's strategic interests."

The continued presence of Russian troops in Georgia after a lightning war over the separatist regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia has sunk relations between Russia and the West to a post-Cold War low. Western nations have accused Russia of reneging on its commitment to withdraw forces from U.S.-allied Georgia.

The vice president's office described Cheney's trip, which begins Sept. 2 and also includes a stop in Italy, where the U.S. has a major base, only in the broadest terms, saying President Bush wants his No. 2 to consult with key partners on matters of mutual interest.

Experts say the Russian parliament's blessing of the Georgian separatists gives the Kremlin extra leverage as Russia tries to reassert its influence in the former Soviet republics and resist moves by Georgia and Ukraine to join NATO.

But it was up to President Dmitry Medvedev to make the final call on establishing full diplomatic relations with South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Currently, neither Russia nor any other member of the United Nations recognizes the two provinces' independence claims. Both won de-facto independence in the 1990s after wars with Georgia, and have survived since with Russia's financial, political and military support.

"Neither Abkhazia ... nor South Ossetia will be part of the Georgian state," Abkhazian leader Sergei Bagapsh told the upper chamber of Russia's parliament Monday.

Despite their desire for independence, one or both regions could eventually be absorbed into Russia.

After Georgia tried to reassert control of South Ossetia by force Aug. 7, Russian troops overwhelmed the Georgians, and for nearly two weeks occupied positions deep within Georgia.

Most of those forces withdrew Friday, although some Russian troops continue to operate near the Black Sea port of Poti and just outside the boundaries of the breakaway regions.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called a special meeting of European Union leaders Sept. 1 to determine what steps the EU will take in terms of aid to Georgia and future relations with Russia. France holds the 27-member bloc's rotating presidency.

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, however, said Monday the EU was not considering any sanctions against Moscow.

Russia's critics say the conflict in Georgia heralds a new, worrying era in which an increasingly assertive Kremlin has shown itself ready to resort to military force outside its borders.

On Sunday, a U.S. Navy destroyer loaded with humanitarian aid reached Georgia's Black Sea port of Batumi, bringing baby food, milk, bottled water and a message of support for an embattled ally.

The guided missile cruiser, carrying about 55 tons of humanitarian aid, was the first of three American ships scheduled to arrive this week.

The deputy chief of Russia's general staff suggested Monday the arrival of U.S. and other NATO warships in the Black Sea would increase tensions. Russia shares the sea with NATO members Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria as well as Georgia and Ukraine.

The steps taken by the United States "add another degree to the tension in the region," Anatoly Nogovitsyn said Monday in televised remarks.

A U.S. official said the American ship anchored in Batumi, Georgia's main oil port on the Black Sea, because of concerns about damage to the Georgian port of Poti. Russian troops still hold positions near Poti, and Georgians say the Russians inflicted extensive damage on port facilities there.

In central Georgia, a few miles west of the city of Gori, a fire tore through an oil train after an explosion Sunday, sending plumes of black smoke into the air. The cause was not clear, but Georgians have accused Russian troops of targeting oil facilities and transport links.

Georgia straddles a key westward route for oil from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and other Caspian Sea nations — as the United States and the European Union seek to decrease Russia's dominance of oil and gas exports from the former Soviet Union.


Associated Press Writers Jim Heintz in Tbilisi, Georgia and Maria Danilova in Moscow contributed to this report.