Monday, May 23, 2011

The Beginning of the End of the State of Israel?

Dear DHFC Supporter,

The Obama administration's final betrayal of Israel has begun.

In case you missed, last Thursday's presidential address may well go down in history as the beginning of the end of the State of Israel. Never before has an American President so brazenly embraced the "Palestinian" cause; never before has an American President so contemptuously pushed Israel into a corner. To proclaim that the borders of a Palestinian state must be drawn according to the 1967 lines, ignoring all the issues that should be negotiated on the way to two secure states and ignoring that Israel will someday have to defend these borders from Palestinian hatred, tells two lies at once: that the Palestinians have been sincerely searching for peace, and that Israel is the problem.

The Freedom Center has devoted its twenty years of existence to telling the truth about the crisis in the Middle East--the fact that the Palestinians want to destroy the state of Israel far more than they want to create a state for themselves; that they are planning a new holocaust even as they are denying the Holocaust that actually happened. We have identified those who want a new genocide, here and abroad, and also identified the Big Lies that the international left has created to transform Israel from a state threatened with extinction into the Goliath oppressing the Palestinians.

Throughout the years I have called on you to help the Freedom Center fund different initiatives to defend our shared beliefs. But never before has the need been so severe as today. We cannot allow Barack Obama to single-handedly destroy Israel. That's why I'm urgently asking you to make a generous, tax-deductible contribution to the Freedom Center today. Whether you can give $25 or $2,500--your support is invaluable.

The Freedom Center is a plain speaking organization. We have defended Israel and its right to exist with passion and have called out the advocates of a new genocide for whom and what they are. We have published over 500,000 copies of pamphlets exposing the lies that have just culminated in the President's shameful and unnecessary speech. We have defended Jewish students at university campuses across the country from the unholy alliance between the pro-jihadists and the radical left that controls campus political life today. I have spoken on hundreds of campuses, produced DVDs, written books, taken out ads in campus papers, Jewish papers and the New York Times about the existential threat facing Israel.

That the President should have delivered such a blow against Israel in the face of the Palestinian Authority's new alliance with Hamas, the terror group that tried to exterminate it, wants to exterminate all Jews, and has vowed never to acknowledge a Jewish State is incomprehensible. That he should have implicitly linked the Palestinians' rejectionism to the revolutionary democratic spirit coursing through the rest of the Middle East in this Arab Spring calls his judgment, as well as his political vision, into question.

Will you show President Obama that he is in the wrong by standing with the Freedom Center and Israel today and making a tax-deductible donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more right away?

I have said for years that Israel is the canary in the mine, and as she goes, so goes America and the West. This tiny nation, besieged on all sides since its birth and now subjected to slanders by the international left in league with resurgent anti-Semitism throughout the world, stands at the frontlines of the War on Terror. That war will become all the more dangerous now that the President has put Israel further on the defensive and implicitly supported the aspirations of an organization, Hamas, that past U.S. presidents have condemned as terrorist and refused to countenance.

The Freedom Center will redouble its efforts to defend Israel and show all Americans, particularly college students, the true nature of Hamas and its apologists on our campuses in the coming months. Between now and the UN meetings set for this Fall, we are going to publish and mail 250,000 more copies of our pamphlets on Israel. Our "Palestinian Wall of Lies" ad that ran in the New York Times will be submitted to another 100 papers in America and Israel. Our DVD and internet campaigns will be expanded and we will organize teach-ins on more campuses, particularly around the time of the upcoming UN meetings, which will become, as we all know, pep rallies for Palestinians and hatefests directed against the Israelis. Never Again is more than a slogan: it is a commitment and a pledge.

The Freedom Center is willing to go into battle on behalf of Israel and against Obama's careless intention to throw it under the bus of history. But we need you to provide the ammunition for this crucially important war of words. You have supported me and my efforts to call out Israel's enemies for many years. Now that Israel faces its most significant threat since the intifada, when Palestinians suicide bombers were killing its citizens in the streets, I am calling on you to help again. Please join our "Save Israel" Campaign today by making as generous of a donation as possible. There is much to do; the time is short.

Thank you again for all your support.


David Horowitz
President & Founder

P.S. Last Thursday President Obama proclaimed that a Palestinian state should be drawn in accordance with 1967 borders. Never before has an American President so blatantly endorsed Palestine's plan to destroy Israel. So we must fight back. Over the years I know I've asked a lot of you, but never has the situation been so dire. Will you please make a generous contribution right away to help the Freedom Center defend Israel? Thank you in advance for your support.

St John's Episcopal Church Sounds The Adhan!



Mentioned below is another example of the disturbing trend within the mainstream churches of America ; namely, the

acceptance and even adoption of religions contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ. These events should not be so
surprising given the Apostle Paul's admonishments that come the Last Days, just prior to the Return of Jesus Christ,
there would be a great apostasy, and a great falling away from the true tenets of the Christian faith. Mentioned
below is an example of the desertion from the teachings of Jesus, and an example of what is still yet to come. The
Lord is building a Remnant Church , not a politically and socially acceptable church where the gospel of man becomes
the cornerstone.

Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist
Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment
Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst

A great day to sleep late in Jersey , as long as you're not within earshot of
St John's in Montclair . via Interfaith Service at St. John's Parish in Montclair | Baristanet.

This Sunday morning, May 22, at 10 a.m., the sounds of the adhan - the
Muslim call to prayer - will ring out in St. John's Episcopal Church
Montclair .

While there's no minaret at the church, the words of "Allahu akbar," (God is
greater) will none-the-less invite both Christians and Muslims to worship
side by side. During the interfaith service, verses from the Holy Qur'an
will complement readings from the Holy Bible, including during Communion,
embracing the traditions of both religions.

Reverend Andrew Butler, Rector of St. John's parish since September 1, 2010,
decided to have this service in order to demonstrate that both Islam and
Christianity stem from Abrahamic roots, as well as to dispell negative
stereotypes about the Muslim faith.

"I've grown concerned about the demonization of Muslims. I want Montclair to
develop an understanding of the religion." Reverend Butler stated.

In addition to Butler , speakers will include Anisa Mehdi, a scholar and
journalist who will describe what it means to be a Muslim in America and
Abdul-Alim Mubarak-Rowe, an assistant Imam at Masjid Waarith ud Deen in
Irvington , a media consultant to the American Muslim Alliance and a

The Reverend went on to say, "We are trying to find ways to blend our
community through religion. It's hard, but we can accomplish it through this
organic event and working together through outreach and other ministries of

This interfaith service isn't only trying to blend religions, is also a way
to invite the public to visit St. John 's Episcopal Church. After the
service, at 11am, conversation about Islam and Islam in America will

St John's Episcopal Church
55 Montclair Avenue
(973) 746-2474

Here's how the blended religion reads: Love your neighbor, as long as he's
not a Jew or Christian.or atheist, or Buddhist, or anything that isn't

O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends. ~
Holy" Koran 5:052

The End Game? Another Insightful Drybones

End Game

Arab Spring, Revolution, Riots, Middle East, conspiracy, al Qaeda, Islamism, antisemitism, Jews, Israel <br>: Dry Bones cartoon.

Camping's Rapture Aftermath: Atlantic Wire Reports

This is another of the many good piece that are coming out about the failed prophecy of Harold Camping and Family Radio.
Camping abandoned his followers this morning and played a pre-recorded Bible Study on the Book of Ruth. But he has been talking a bit...

Rapture Prophet Harold Camping's 'Really Tough Weekend'

Source: Atlanta Wire

By Adam Clark Estes 11:11 AM ET

Harold Camping emerged from his Alameda, California home yesterday to face reporters for the first time since the Rapture that never happened. Wearing a light jacket and speaking over chirping birds, Camping told the San Francisco Chronicle he was "flabbergasted" that the world did not end on Saturday. "I'm looking for answers," he told the reporter. "But now I have nothing else to say. I'll be back to work Monday and will say more then." Camping followers are similarly perplexed. "I don't think I am going to stop listening to him," one man added, heaving a deep sigh before continuing: "I don't know, I gotta listen to him on Monday, see what he says on the radio.

"Somewhat bewildered" and "mystified is how Camping's wife described her husband, before he finally emerged from his home yesterday afternoon. The International Business Times managed to capture Camping on camera, refusing to surrender any more than a few words and promising. "Give me a day, no interviews at all today -- sorry," Camping said. "You know this is a big deal, big deal, and I've got to live with it and I've got to think it out. So no interview."

Camping's relative silence since Saturday's anti-climactic continuation of life on Earth weighs heavy on his followers' confidence. Robert Fitzpatrick, the 60 year-old retired New York transit worker who spent $140,000 on billboards for the coming apocalypse, responded with bewilderment as well. "I can't tell you what I feel right now," he told a crowd of reporters and tourists in Times Square Saturday evening. "I haven't understood it correctly because I'm still here."

At least one person may benefit from Camping's failure. As we pointed out last week, author and would-be Doomsday prophet Tim Lahaye is next in line to announce his prediction for the end of the world.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

REAL Prophecies ARE advancing: Obama Intends To Divide Jerusalem!

According to the biblical prophecies what will bring Rex Mundi (Antichrist/Son of Perdition) into power will be CHAOS.

Most countries of the world, including the al Ikhwan governed USA, are planning to commit a horrific SIN -- they intend to divide the holy capital of the Jewish people and give a portion of it to al Ikhwan (through a so-called "Palestinian" state.

Since its rebirth as a modern nation the UN and other Luciferian globalist powers have denied the Jews the right to have Jerusalem as their official capital. NOW these powers plan to give a large portion of the beleaguered city to al Ikhwan to be the capital of terrorist state!

This will doubtless increase the chaos now rocking much of the globe. We PRAY that Israel will not capitulate with this DESOLATION and ABOMINATION of the Holy City of David, eternal capital of the Jewish people! We PRAY the government and people of Israel will stand against ANY country and ANY power that seeks to do or support this EVIL. We PRAY that ALL people of goodwill and faith everywhere will STAND with Israel at this critical juncture and we BEG HASHEM the ONE TRUE GOD to give Benjamin Netanyahu and the government of Israel the COURAGE, the MEANS, the global support and the FAITH to STAND and to Succeed! IF Netanyahu refuses to stand we pray that HaShem will give Israel Jewish leadership that will!

This from our friend Michael Evans and the Jerusalem Prayer team:

From Mike Evans the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team

Dear John,

A battle is being fought here in Washington, D.C. Ancient prophecy and modern-day conspiracy are on a collision course. Less than forty-eight hours before Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in Washington, President Obama announced to the world that he fully intended to divide Jerusalem and use all resources available to him to give a PLO terrorist state all of Israel's land retaken during the Six Days War. This is the same organization that has launched over 20,000 terrorist attacks against Israel through missiles, suicide bombers, etc.

If you had any doubts as to why the book "Cursed: The Conspiracy to Divide Jerusalem" was written and why President Obama's picture is on the front cover, there should be no further questions. Prime Minister Netanyahu will speak to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, May 24. He is fighting for the life of his country.

On September 20, 2001, he spoke to the U.S. House of Representatives Government Reform Committee. He said, "September 11 was a wake-up call from hell that has opened our eyes to the horrors that await us tomorrow if we fail to act today."

A war of biblical proportions is being fought between a Liberal Left president and his state department and the leaders of the nation of Israel. Never has Israel experienced as much pressure and attack by the U.S. government as it has now.

Etched into the wall of the main lobby of the CIA's original headquarters are the words, "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." I have stood by Israeli prime ministers for decades as they have been dragged from one bargaining table to another and have been forced to cede land for peace.

Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, is a terrorist stronghold. The vast majority of Palestinian Christians have been forced from their homes by radical Muslim fanatics. Some 460 towns and villages in Israel have been turned over to the PLO, including Jericho, Hebron, and even Gaza.

President Obama's view is that all of America agrees on a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. This is both false and outrageous! His belief that the biggest threats to stability in the Middle East are al Qaeda and Israel is sick. The belief system that embraces giving radical Islam another capital will pacify the Palestinians is absurd. Bowing down to Muslim leaders and apologizing does not neutralize America's war with radical Islam; it only emboldens the fanatics. If America touches prophecy--Jerusalem--a curse will come upon America.

The Bible says, "I will bless them who bless thee, and curse him who curses thee." (Genesis 12:3) The prophet Zechariah proclaimed that the nations which touch Jerusalem would injure themselves.

Listen closely. You can hear the hoofbeats of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse attempting to bring deceit, destruction, and devastation to our beloved nation. This is a battle between two books, two kingdoms, and two spirits. I am going to boldly stand. I've rebuked national security advisors, presidents, and secretaries of state such as Hillary Clinton, with no thought of winning a popularity contest. Self-loathing will not end the war on terror.

The Jerusalem Prayer Team is blanketing the nation with a television special on this subject. It is airing somewhere right now. We've stepped out by faith and purchased airtime while believing that God will supply. (FIND WHEN SAVE JERUSALEM IS AIRING NEAR YOU: ) We have placed the book, "Cursed," into the hands of every conceivable person in an attempt to open eyes to the truth.

This is the only national campaign supporting Israel in the midst of this battle. Please support this campaign today. It is urgent!


President Obama believes there is no military solution to Israel's problems and that Israel's own government is the repository of evil. He apparently believes that terrorism is punishment for past sins. "We have met the enemy, and he is us." Attitude has replaced moral clarity. The Bible admonishes, "'Ye that make mention of the Lord keep not silence, And give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth." (Isaiah 62: 6-7)

President Bill Clinton attempted to divide Jerusalem. It was his only major Middle East foreign policy decision in 2001 before President George W. Bush took office. It emboldened radical Islam to strike America. For more than two decades before the attack on the World Trade Center Towers, I cried out that America was developing a tolerance for terror and that terrorists would strike New York City's tallest building first.

People called me foolish and ignored the prophecy. This is the same way they ignored the prophecy in 2007 that Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, and Libya would be overthrown by revolution and that it would spread across the entire Middle East. This was in the #1 New York Times bestseller, "The Final Move Beyond Iraq." The back cover says:

"An Islamic revolution is spreading and is on the brink of becoming America's greatest threat since the Civil War."

Please send your largest gift possible today to help me with this battle. I've requested a meeting with the prime minister. I am the person who anointed him with oil and prophesied over him almost thirty years ago. I told him he would be prime minister of Israel twice. I relayed the prophecy to Prime Minister Begin and asked him to give Netanyahu a position in his government.


For a gift of $60 or more today, I will send you copies of "Cursed" and "The Final Move Beyond Iraq." If you already own these two books, share them with a friend. It is so important to get the word out.

Please send your best gift today so that we can sound the alarm and warn believers of the looming threat before it's too late. Please pray with and for me during this crisis time.

Barukh atah Adonai eloheinu melekh ha-olam, ozier Yisrael bigvurah.

Blessed art thou, Lord our God, King of the universe, who girds Israel with might.

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,

Dr. Michael Evans

The HOPE Lives On!


HaTikva: The Hope

As long as the Jewish spirit is yearning deep in the heart,

With eyes turned toward the East, looking toward Zion,

Then our hope - the two-thousand-year-old hope - will not be lost:

To be a free people in our land,

The land of Zion and Jerusalem.

Kol ode balevav
P'nimah -

Nefesh Yehudi homiyah

Ulfa'atey mizrach kadimah
Ayin l'tzion tzofiyah.

Ode lo avdah tikvatenu
Hatikvah bat shnot alpayim:

L'hiyot am chofshi b'artzenu -
Eretz Tzion v'Yerushalayim.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Join Me Live For The End Of The World!

Just Two (2) MORE DAYS Until Lift Off
According to Harold Camping and Family Radio!

FRIDAY, May 20 at 9:45 PM in the Pacific Time Zone (Left Coast)

Join me live for the end of the world!

My What Matters Most Show: The End of the World

Free video chat by Ustream

May 21st at 6 PM in New Zealand
The first quake and Rapture is supposed to hit!

Wallis and Futuna, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand's Kermadec Islands and Chatham Islands share the dawning new day before anywhere else

According to the World Clock:

Chatham Islands (New Zealand)Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 6:00:00 PM

Sacramento (U.S.A. - California)Friday, May 20, 2011 at 10:15:00 PM

The FIRST Quake and Rapture should hit New Zealand
At 10:15 PM FRIDAY May 20 in the Pacific Time Zone
(Where Harold Camping and I live)
I'll begin my End of the World broadcast at 9:45 PM Pacific (B"H)
Check your local time for the FIRST Quake and Rapture HERE

Then, each time the local clock gets to 6 PM
Another quake and Rapture is supposed to take place!

This destruction is supposed to be done by
The God of Love and Justice?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Athiest Care For Left Behind Pets: Just $135.00!

Just FOUR (4) MORE DAYS Until Lift Off
According to Harold Camping and Family Radio!

A traditional Christian hymn about the Rapture:

I'll Fly Away

Are you expecting to take a trip on that good old Camping ship to the heavens?

Gospel Ship (Traditional American)

Don't Forget Your Pets!

Check out this from Good Morning America:

Wondering about the fate of your pets after Judgment Day? Well, for $135, a loving atheist will care for your animal if you're not around anymore.

Eternal Earthbound Pets offers a service to rescue and take care of pets once their owners have been taken away to the heavenly realms. Though doomsayers say this Saturday will be the latest day of reckoning that's not expected to leave animals behind either.

Bart Centre of New Hampshire, co-owner of the pet business, launched it in June 2009. He has zero belief in Judgment Day, but began to see an increase in sales inquiries in December, which, he believes, is related to Family Radio's heavy marketing campaign around the May 21 date.

The retired retail executive said he has sold 258 contracts so far.

"That's out of 40 million targeted 'rapture' believers, so it's not like we're making a billion dollars," he said.

Still, Centre is among the opportunistic entrepreneurs who have made the most of doomsayers' predictions and people's eagerness to believe them, although some of them have seen no bump in business and Family Radio can't imagine anyone operating a business amid the ruins of a post-apocalyptic world anyway.

Family Radio, a non-profit, listener-supported religious organization based in Oakland, Calif., has declared that May 21 will mark the end of the world when Jesus Christ arrives for his second coming and the "rapture" of his believers. The organization encourages people to visit its website.

Eternal Earthbound Pets' sales increased during the first quarter of this year by 27 percent compared to the first quarter of last year, which Centre attributes to the May 21 campaign.

"My business partner [in Minnesota] and I launched in a handful of states initially. Now, it's much larger," he said, adding that he has designated rescuers in 26 states.

Centre increased his rates in January. It now costs $135 to rescue one pet and $20 for an additional pet at the same address, which he collects up front. That's up from $110 for the first pet and $10 for an additional pet.

And Centre takes his business seriously. He said he performed a credit history and criminal background on his 44 rescuers: those who are assigned to rescue any pets left behind. The contract fees are split among them.

Other profiteers are practicing a quote by newly inaugurated Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

Emanuel was referring to energy policy in 2008, but Joshua Witter, a software engineer, shared that mentality when he started Post-Rapture Post, a message delivery service to those left behind after the apocalypse.

This story continues with part 2 on their website

ABC Videos on May 21st 2011:

AllFaith Flix: The Rupture of the Church

Here's the Truth

    Revelation 6:9 When the Lamb broke the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been put to death for proclaiming the Word of God, that is, for bearing witness.
    10 They cried out in a loud voice, "Sovereign Ruler, HaKadosh, the True One, how long will it be before you judge the people living on earth and avenge our blood?"
    11 Each of them was given a white robe; and they were told to wait a little longer, until the full number of their fellow-servants should be reached, of their brothers who would be killed, just as they had been.

The people of God will remain HERE ON THE EARTH resisting the Antichrist and his New World Order throughout the seven year Tribulation Period.

Most of us will die before the end of the seven years: Some as martyrs, some from the earthquakes, some from the plagues and so on.

    Revelation 7:13 One of the elders asked me, "These people dressed in white robes - who are they, and where are they from?"
    14 "Sir," I answered, "you know." Then he told me, "These are the people who have come out of the Great Tribulation. They have washed their robes and made them white with the blood of the Lamb.

After the (just shy of) seven years the people of HaShem will come out of (or through) the Great Tribulation and receive the blessings of the Messianic Kingdom.

Some Believers will come through as martyrs and some few will survive the ordeal and enter the Kingdom without tasting death.

    Matthew 24:21 For there will be trouble then worse than there has ever been from the beginning of the world until now, and there will be nothing like it again!
    22 Indeed, if the length of this time had not been limited, no one would survive; but for the sake of those who have been chosen, its length will be limited.

Were the planed seven years not shortened no flesh would survive. But to rescue People Israel (the Elect or Chosen) the seven years will be cut short by some measure (probably weeks).

It would be wonderful to take a trip on the good old Gospel Ship!

But friend, that is NOT what the prophets say is going to happen!

Don't be deceived by promises of a Rapture, whether by Harold Camping or anyone else.

As Paul warns:

    II Thessalonians 2:1 But in connection with the coming of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah and our gathering together to meet him, we ask you, brothers,
    2 not to be easily shaken in your thinking or anxious because of a spirit or a spoken message or a letter supposedly from us claiming that the Day of the Lord has already come.
    3 Don't let anyone deceive you in any way. For the Day will not come until after the Apostasy has come and the man who separates himself from Torah has been revealed, the one destined for doom.
    4 He will oppose himself to everything that people call a god or make an object of worship; he will put himself above them all, so that he will sit in the Temple of God and proclaim that he himself is God.
    5 Don't you remember that when I was still with you, I used to tell you these things?
    6 And now you know what is restraining, so that he may be revealed in his own time.
    7 For already this separating from Torah is at work secretly, but it will be secretly only until he who is restraining is out of the way.
    8 Then the one who embodies separation from Torah will be revealed, the one whom the Lord Yeshua will slay with the breath of his mouthd and destroy by the glory of his coming.
    9 When this man who avoids Torah comes, the Adversary will give him the power to work all kinds of false miracles, signs and wonders.
    10 He will enable him to deceive, in all kinds of wicked ways, those who are headed for destruction because they would not receive the love of the truth that could have saved them.
    11 This is why God is causing them to go astray, so that they will believe the Lie.
    12 The result will be that all who have not believed the truth, but have taken their pleasure in wickedness, will be condemned.

The Order of Events:

Verse 1: Our gathering together: Moshiach will gather ALL Jews together in Jerusalem (Hosea 3:4-5, Isaiah 2:4, Isaiah 11:6-9). Once that happens we will have a sign that he is here -- BUT it appears that the Rex Mundi will do this first (Matthew 24:15-20)!

Verse 2: False prophecies and promises (like the Rapture) will abound. Don't be fooled. This includes the so-called "Sanctuary Message" of the Seventh Day Adventists which Y'shua specifically rejected (Matthew 24:26) and the Rapture in general (Matthew 24:27).

Y'shua is CLEAR:

    Matthew 24:26 So if people say to you, `Listen! He's out in the desert!' don't go; or, `Look! He's hidden away in a secret room!' don't believe it.
    27 For when the Son of Man does come, it will be like lightning that flashes out of the east and fills the sky to the western horizon.
    28 Wherever there's a dead body, that's where you find the vultures.

We will know Y'shua is here as HaMoshiach when we see the vultures eating the dead at the Battle of Armageddon (Revelation 19:18).

Continuing now with II Thessalonians 2 Verse 3: The Great Apostasy: The apostasy and eventual "vomiting out" of the seventh and final Church period (Revelation 3:14-19). This apostate religion will become the foundation of Babylon the Great (a global false religion lead by the False Prophet from Rome). This Universal Religion will embrace the coming Global Dictator as the "Second Coming of Jesus."

This coming leader will "separate himself from Torah" or as the KJV has it, "that man of sin." The Greek has it as the man of Lawlessness. Torah is the ultimate Law and he will oppose it in every way.

Verse 4: This coming Rex Mundi (global potentate) will place himself above all religions, above all knowledge, and proclaim himself (and be accepted by the world as) Sovereign Authority. He will cause the Jerusalem Temple to be rebuilt, then he will enter the Holy Place and proclaim his divinity there.

Verse 5: We don't need "new revelation" etc. The Scriptures are clear on these matters if we simply ignore what the false teachers say and read the texts its all clear. Camping and his ilk "spiritualize" the texts to the point that they become meaningless. if they seem to support their heresies the "must" be taken literally. If not, they must be taken "spiritually." One can prove ANYTHING with this leeway!

Just read and accept what the prophets say.

Verse 6: The Hinderers: God's people, morality, decency, true religion, faith, biblical knowledge and wisdom... these things have been restraining the New Order of the Ages (Novus Ordo Seclorum) but those restraints are being systematically removed. Without them evil is becoming pervasive.

Verse 7: The "New World Order" that has been controlling the earth for many many years is hard at work to establish the global government of Rex Mundi. Once he arises their intentions will be made clear (although I don't see how anyone could still doubt the accuracy of the prophecies at this point -- they are being fulfilled right before our eyes!)

Verse 8: Remember the topic of this section: Be not deceived: Here is how Y'shua will return... He WILL NOT RETURN until the Apostasy happens (verse 3) and the Son of Perdition is revealed. This means there will be NO RAPTURE and NO SECOND COMING until AFTER the Antichrist takes the stage as global leader. The Apostasy is well under way. Paul flatly says this here.

Verse 9: Rex Mundi will have super-human powers (as will the False Prophet) and he will deceive most people. His powers will come from Heylel (Lucifer).

Verse 10: The world will embrace Rex Mundi and they will reject salvation.

Verse 11: Had there already been a Rapture this point would be moot. Rex Mundi and his False Prophet will be working wonders to deceive people. This implies that some will not be deceived and they be seeking to bring them into their evil fold.

The comment that God will send this delusion needs to be understood in a Jewish context. God controls everything. Heylel is NOT God's opposite. HaShem has no opposite. Since these people choose to reject the Truth God will allow them to accept the lie and allow Heylel to deceive them even as He allowed him to deceived Adam and Eve. It is however by their own free will that they are being deceived.

The final seven years of this age will be the most horrific in history.

You PROBABLY will not survive -- deal with it!

The Rapture theory offers a false hope. We need to understood the Truth and to mentally prepare for what's coming: (Philippians 1:21: For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain).

    II Timothy 4:3 For the time is coming when people will not have patience for sound teaching, but will cater to their passions and gather around themselves teachers who say whatever their ears itch to hear.
    4 Yes, they will stop listening to the truth, but will turn aside to follow myths.
    5 But you, remain steady in every situation, endure suffering, do the work that a proclaimer of the Good News should, and do everything your service to God requires.

Do Not Be Deceived!

~ Rosh Yeshiva Yochanan Levine

Yeshiva Beth HaShem

Monday, May 16, 2011

No "The Donald..." The Republicans are dead in the water thus far

"The Donald" is not running for the 2012 top spot.

Many people were concerned about his hard-nosed business mindset but were optimistic about his seeming ability to stand up to pressure. That would be an essential ability were someone to seriously attempt to restore the US Constitutional government. He might have restored the Republic... We'll never know.

As for now the Republican wing of the one party that rules the former US republic seems rudderless. Globalist traitors remain firmly in control of the once "grand" party and appear content with another four years of Sheik Obama's illegal junta. The Tea Party has sold out their alleged values and potential and, as an organized movement, have become little more than Republican Party sycophants.

Obladee obladah...

Trump announces he will not run for president
By Rachel Rose Hartman

SOURCE: The Ticket

Donald Trump announced Monday that he will not be a 2012 presidential candidate.

The real estate mogul noted in a statement that he has been unofficially campaigning for the past several months, but has determined politics is not his first priority. "Business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector," Trump said.

Trump made clear he's not bowing out because of his perceived tough odds in the GOP primary or otherwise, saying: "I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and ultimately, the general election."

Trump on Monday promised supporters he would continue to voice his opinions "loudly" and "shape our politicians' thoughts."

Eve of Destruction

Steven Curtis Chapman - I Will Not Go Quietly (with scenes from the Apostle)

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Slideshow of the Decieved

This is a slideshow of the deceived.

We should pray for both the deceived and the deceivers. Understand that these are generally sincere people who truly believe they are obeying God's call. How miserable they will be on May 22, 2011. May God comfort them as they mourn and deal with their soon to come embarrassment and humiliation.

Pray that the deceived do not lose all faith in God as a result of this false prophet. May they turn their eyes to HaShem alone and not rely on Nicolaitan deceit.

Pray that the deceived who contemplate suicide when Camping's prophecy fails are comforted and turned from that course by loving family and friends.

Friend, many Millerites, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses and others have been deceived by similar false prophecies and have gone on to live happy lives. So can you! The failure of this prophecy is no cause for suicide nor to doubt God's love for you.

When this prophecy fails (or before) I invite you to contact me if you need someone to talk with who will not judge you and who understands. You are not the first good person to be deceived, nor will you be the last. Keep moving forward!

Pray that those who mock these deceived people do not assume the real prophecies will not be fulfilled as the Bible teaches and thereby further harden their hearts. God is real and HIS prophecies never fail.

And most of all, be prepared for the coming of the global dictatorship that is dawning! Having done all you can to stand...


The official Family Radio 2011 Slideshow.

Unfortunately Multiply is being too careful about scripts and will not allow me to post the embed code for this Vimeo slideshow here. You can watch it on the Family Radio site HERE. Its music and scenes of the deceived around the world handing out material. Camping and others do voice-over work.

Blow the Trumpet All Around the World from Family Radio on Vimeo.

They're all Dead.

But God is still alive.

Camping's prophecy will fail

But HaShem Never Will!

Trust HaShem

Obama's Gift to Israel: A Noose Around Netanyahu's Neck

I have a lot of respect for the views of Ted Belman and and

Here's another great post:


Obama's Gift to Israel on Her 63rd Anniversary Is A Noose Around Netanyahu's Neck
Stanley Zir Author
Susan North Editor
On April 14, knowing that it was very likely there would be a vote to create a Palestinian State in the fall at the United Nations, we launched a "Stop Order Campaign" against this insidious notion. We issued it as "Joshua Call" and sent it out as a top priority action alert."
We stated : "As Americans we must insist that the President of the United States forthwith and unequivocally reject any proposal, put forth by the United Nations, or any other party, supported by the world community that would now establish a Palestinian state with Hamas having influence in Palestinian affairs, and/or in forming a new unified entity to represent the Palestinian people in the future."
We then requested people to call members of Congress and the media (flood their switchboards) to bring down Mr. Obama's wall of silence on this matter. We did this because tomorrow was already one day too late for the leader of the free world, when there is talk about the creation of an Islamic terrorist state in the heart of Jerusalem.
A point of reference: At that time we had no inkling that an agreement between Hamas and Fatah was in the making. Incredibly the Obama Administration would have the audacity to have Americans believe that his administration did not know either.
Yet we never heard back from the president on this matter until May 4th, some 21 days later when White House press secretary Jay Carney responded to this question towards the end of a press briefing about the death of Osama Bin Laden.
QUESTION: "Regarding a historical agreement between Hamas and Fatah today, Prime Minister Netanyahu called this a blow - a blow to peace and great victory for terrorism. "What's the President's view on this statement? Do you agree with Netanyahu?"
MR. CARNEY: "We understand that Fatah and Hamas have reached a reconciliation agreement. What is important now is that Palestinians ensure implementation of that agreement that its implementation advances the prospects of peace, rather than undermines those prospects. We're continuing to seek details, more information about the nature of the agreement, and we're consulting with the parties about these very issues. And I refer you to the Palestinians for details on the agreement because we're seeking them ourselves."
How is it possible that no one in the media to this very day has no comment as to why Jay Carney avoided answering if Obama agrees with Netanyahu? Even more news worthy, was the significance of Jay Carney's response, that the president was giving consideration to the legitimacy of such an unholy alliance.
How is it possible that the president of the United States and leader of the free world would not hesitate to say that he stands with Netanyahu and Israel against Hamas, a terrorist organization, especially any agreements that are made between them and Fatah that would lead to the formation of a Palestinian state, that allows Hamas to set up shop in Jerusalem and the West Bank.
As leader of the free world Mr. Obama must not hesitate to unequivocally reject and condemn any proposal that sanctions the insidious notion that terrorist/fascist and Israel are equal partners for peace.
The president stood with Egypt against a tyrant. Is Netanyahu a tyrant, or a terrorist? And Hamas the good guys? Former President Bush in declaring war on terrorism, said to the terrorists "we will find you, we will not rest until we hunt you down." President Obama, if you agree with him, why are you hunting Israel and not Hamas?
Thus while Americans were praising the chutzpah and wisdom that the president displayed in disposing of Bin Laden, and rightfully so, unbeknownst to us Mr. Obama was tightening the noose around Netanyahu's neck behind our backs.
Sir, you are a Harvard graduate, I'm sure there is no part of this statement that you do not understand: "Fascism is the ultimate expression of absolute power, deception and the absence of accountability are its greatest allies. Since lies are the tools that fascists use to complete their circuitry of deceit, any statements issued by the leaders of these governments or their supporters can never be believed or validated." Then how is it possible sir that Israel, the house that King David built, is being coerced by you to make agreements with terrorist-infected nations and people based on promises signed on worthless pieces of paper.
President Obama, remove your noose from Netanyahu's neck the culprit is Hamas!!!. Where do you get the audacity to ask the people of the United States of America in all good conscience to support you, when because of your actions, "We The People" will be known throughout history as people who gave equal consideration to a terrorist group that has vowed the destruction of Israel.
Americans it is time to put to rest the insidious notion put forth by Obama and Mahmoud Abbas, and embraced by the Islamic conflict community, the UN, and the world at large. The notion that the Palestinian Arab/Israeli conflict is the cause for the tensions between the Islamic world and the United States - not the Islamic world's addiction to religious tyrannies' hateful edicts. This misconception has spawned the out-of-control idea that a UN resolution will bring reconciliation between our nations resulting in a peaceful co-existence and economic security for America and her allies. Nothing can be further from the truth. Such a resolution can only lead to the destruction of Israel.
President Obama, Israel can no longer be sabotaged by your proposals cloaked in the name of peace and hope to survive. We mentioned in "Obama's Solution - Amputation and More Amputation to the Body of Israel" that for years, our Jewish pundits have been analyzing and suggesting solutions to every event that chronicles the obvious injustice Israel faces, but to what avail? It's now 2011, and President Obama's solution to the Palestinian Arab/Israeli dispute - amputation and more amputation to the body of Israel - thus bringing about her ultimate death. Instead of submitting ourselves as a hapless victim to his knife, the Jewish people must take a proactive stance. We need to unite as one and take up the call for an immediate end to his negotiations with people who have become nothing more than foot soldiers in Iran's global terrorists enterprise. Whether it is Hamas, or Fatah, whether you label them religious terrorists or secular moderates, the DNA of hate and the destruction of Israel is the glue that binds these political parties to a common objective. Their determination is to create another terrorist Islamic state with "East Jerusalem" as its capital.
The time has come for demands, not requests, put down your pens and let your voice become your sword. In 2007 when President Bush and Senators Mc Cain (Republican) and Kennedy (Democratic) were eager to pass the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007." Americans on both the left and right hated the bill...So they "melted the phone lines" till Washington, Congress and the White house got the message and the bill was not passed. The American people let their will be known, and Congress listened. We have learned this lesson over and over in the history of our country when men like Martin Luther King, Jr., a registered Republican, stood up against all odds and changed the status quo and now it is our turn to step up to the plate.
To the honorable Senator Gillibrand, a Democrat and others of her ilk from both sides of the aisle, unfortunately you have proven time and time again that sincere petitions and letters begging for understanding regarding the dangerous position this administration is putting Israel in falls on deaf ears. Senator Gillibrand, I regret to inform you, Obama has no intention of addressing your concerns. The proof is in the pudding, look what happened on February 18th when your written request for a veto in the UN was never answered.
To all members of Congress, no matter what bills you pass to stop Hamas, to defund it, no matter what resolutions you pass it will be in vain. It is only the leader of the free world who has the power and influence to put an end to this debacle.
America, what Israel and Netanyahu needs from us is citizens who, regardless of their affiliation, are willing to stand up for Israel. This is a crisis that each one of us cannot afford to ignore, because this insidious UN initiative and others like it breach the line that must be secured to protect the nation of Israel and the free world . . . what Netanyahu needs from AIPAC, the Federation, ZOA, the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Pastor Hagee and all patriots is for them to throw down the gauntlet, and declare "President Obama stand up for Israel, stand up for freedom, stand against Hamas, or we can no longer in good conscience follow your lead.
Then, and only then will we see the results that are needed to put a Stop Order on this UN campaign and all other political initiatives like it that could only lead to the destruction of Israel and America's descent into obscurity and hell.
*Part 2 "Operation Joshua Revised ": Rescuing Israel and Saving the Soul of America. This will be published May 16, along with the launch of our new site.

Hatikva - Die Hoffnung (the hope)

Gaza and Hamas: Israel's Right To Defend Themselves

An interesting and informative video:

Understanding the hatred of Hamas

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Battle for Jerusalem...

Something is up... Consider this....

From Mike Evans the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team

123 Days until UN General Assembly Meeting

Dear John,

I believe Jesus is coming very soon. Even Muslim leaders have described the present Middle East crisis as the coming of Armageddon. The president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, told me that face-to-face when I met with him in New York and arranged the Fox News Network interview.

"Of the day and hour knows no man, no not even the angels in heaven, but my Father only." (Matthew 24:36)

"When you see all these things, know that He is near, even at the door." (Matthew 24:33)

All signs point to a Middle East war against Israel. The march to Jerusalem has begun. Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled on the front pages of the newspaper. Jesus foretold that kingdoms would rise up against kingdoms. This is happening now in the Middle East.

If you listen carefully to the voice of the Spirit, you will hear the echo of eternity and a call from heaven to touch things beyond the grave. You will hear your spirit respond, "Even so come, Lord Jesus."

The prophet Isaiah described our time as "darkness covering the earth, and gross darkness the people." He also declared, "The Lord shall arise upon thee and His glory shall be seen upon thee." (Isaiah 60:2)

Look up, for our redemption is drawing nigh!

The almost daily attacks from terrorists and the looming specter of Iran's nuclear weapons program are not the only threats Israel faces. The forces pushing the United Nations to curse Israel are strong and determined in their plan to declare a Palestinian state this September. If we do not stand and raise our voices now, it will soon be too late. They have a demonic strategy birthed in hell by Satan to divide the city of Jerusalem. You and I have come into the kingdom for such a time as this just as ancient Esther did in the Old Testament. The cry of David is echoing throughout eternity, "Is there not a cause?"

The Save Jerusalem special is airing across the U.S. This is a huge step of faith. The only way we can keep the U.S. from recognizing an Islamic capital in East Jerusalem is by mobilizing millions of Americans to pray and to stand up and speak out. No other ministry has taken on this campaign. We urgently need to buy several million dollars of television time in the next 90 days.

Tuesday was the celebration of Yom Ha'Azmaut (Israel's Independence Day) when the nation was prophetically reborn. June 1 is Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day), the celebration marking the reunification of the city in 1967. This is our moment to stand with and for the Chosen People.

So far 385 caring Jerusalem Prayer Team members have given $31,500 which has been doubled to $63,000 through the matching gift challenge to air the Save Jerusalem special. We are praying for 2,500 people to give in May. Will you join with us today in this fight for Israel's survival?

Throughout my life, I've fought no battle stronger than I have the battle for Jerusalem. This is why the Jerusalem Prayer Team exists. I've written more than a dozen books on Jerusalem and have received Israel's highest award, the same award that presidents and prime ministers receive from the State of Israel. I've been recognized as an ambassador to Jerusalem.

I urgently need your help today to stand for Jerusalem again before it is too late. I need your prayers. I need your financial support. If we allow our President to curse Jerusalem in our name, the resulting judgment of God will make 9/11 look like a Sunday school picnic. This is a battle that can only be won in the spiritual realm--and I urge you to join me in fighting and winning this crucial battle today.

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,

Dr. Michael Evans
Join Us Online!





Sunday, May 08, 2011

"The Rapture Confirmed For May 21, 2011" by Old Fart Rants and Rabbi Yochanan

This first video by Old Fart Rants is interesting and gives a glimpse into how some "unbelievers" are taking the 5.21.11 false prophecy. Millions more people are now deriding the Christian religion because of this prophecy. Some of the language is hard.

My thoughts on this:

See you all on May 22!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Dry Bones: Osama Still Alive?


America, Obama, Osama, conspiracy, Birther : Dry Bones cartoon.

As of now, I am accepting the official story that GW Bush and Dick Cheney's assistant Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden is probably dead and dumped in the Sea... but how odd is that? Dumping him the sea? It is an open invitation to question the reality of his death.... Alas...

More on the latest fake birth cirtificate. Expert confirms it has been changed.

Report: Online 'birth certificate' document 'was changed'
Written by CAA National on May 02, 2011, 02:30 PM

A computer document expert who analyzed the online image of Barack Obama's purported Certificate of Live Birth for WND confirmed there are anomalies inconsistent with a simple scanning process, and there is evidence it has been manipulated, but there's no way to determine exactly what may have been modified.

The end result is that while it is known there were changes, the full extent of operations that were done to the image cannot be determined at this point.

The White House last week trumpeted the release of the above document, calling it "proof positive" Obama was born in Hawaii, as if that would answer all of the questions about his presidential eligibility. In fact, those who contend the founders of the country excluded dual citizens from qualifying as a "natural born Citizen," as the Constitution requires presidents to be, say the document actually proves Obama's ineligibility.

It verifies that Barack Obama Sr. was listed as the father, but he never was a U.S. citizen.

66 years after the holocaust.... Dry Bones


holocaust, Shoah, Nazi, antisemitism, viral, divestment, Israel, 21st Century : Dry Bones cartoon.

May 21, 2011, Doomsday and our beliefs

Shalom friends,

I recently received a question about the prophecy portions of the Seeker level lessons at our Yeshiva Beth HaShem (our free authentic Messianic Jewish school). It is generally accurate to assume that if one person has such a question and asks it, others may be wondering as well and not ask. So I wanted to share these points:

Authentic Messianic Judaism is in no way a "doomesday cult" (nor a cult of any other kind).

As the prophecy lessons begin by stating, there are legitimate differences of opinion on these topics and all talmidim (students) are encouraged to determine what they believe based on their own biblical research regarding them. At the same time, Yeshiva Beth HaShem would be remiss not to cover these important topics according to our understandings in our lessons.
We do take the prophecies seriously.

A few points:

No one knows "the day nor the hour" however we are taught by Rebbe Y'shua that those who are paying attention will know the "watch" or "season" in which the Kingdom will be established (Matthew 24:43, I Thessalonians 5). This watch or season is based biblically on the restoration of Zion (Daniel 4, Matthew 24:32: hence either 1948 or 1967: when Israel was re-established or when Jerusalem was re-acquired by Israel).

Many folks are concerned about Harold Camping's soon to fail prophecy (this is what prompted the question -- see my short video on the topic: ).

Camping's calculations are completely flawed because his dates for the flood are wrong biblically (Biblical date: 1611 HH or 2150 BCE: Genesis 7,8), because there is no biblical correlation between the dates of the global flood and the establishment of the Kingdom, and because the Rapture and Predestination are false doctrines not supported by accurate biblical teaching, and because the Bible does not teach that only 200 million people will be "saved."

May 21 and October 21 will be non-events like Y2K and like Camping's other two failed end of the world prophecies (for 1988 and 1994).

Our job as rabbis is to share our understandings of authentic doctrine. The prophecies are a necessary part of this sharing.

I hope this clarifies these concerns.

Iif you have any questions about the teachings please never hesitate to ask.


~ Messianic Rabbi
Yochanan Levine

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