Thursday, October 01, 2009

Kelsey Grammer Has A FLOP: Hank Is More Like Mr. Hankey!

I loved Cheers (and hated to see "Woody" leave and become a slime bag on screen and off)! One of the best TV shows of all times in my opinion, and I loved Kelsey Grammer's role as "Frazier" on it.

Then came his TV series "Frazier." He had me hooked from the first episode and "I was listening" and watching and still do watch the re-runs from time to time.

So when we heard about his new show, "Hank," we fired up the DVR and watched it live... then removed the timer during the second commercial break.... (well not really, we decided to give it a couple of episodes but that timer is going down!)... Kelsey Grammer has a flop on his hands I think!

He plays a mealy-mouthed corrupt multimillionaire work-a-holic busted in some sort of scam (not yet identified clearly in this first episode) who is forced to flee the high life for exile in Virginia where he forced -- God forbid -- to pay attention to his wife and kids -- egads! Presumably we're going to see him become a decent but ineffectual father in future episodes (stay tuned for more attacks on fatherhood and the family).

All the while the cast members CONSTANTLY reminded the viewer of his new name (which I forget) while praising Obama! He tells his daughter (the actress is way too old for the role) on the show that her mother is a bad person and that she didn't even vote for Obama! The infidel!

He says, "I could have been president you know! In America anyone can be, even a multimillionaire white male!

Then he insults his "son" (who looks nothing like either parent) for being a fan of Star Wars. Since I played Jedi Master Jarjar Binks in the fan film "Star Wars Made Me THis Way!" I found that a bit rude ;-)

I was sorely disappointed in the series opener. Obama probably liked it....

MAYBE it can be salvaged but I don't think so... and it definitely is not Cheers or Frazier! If I had two thumbs to vote with on a critics show they would both be down and approaching the floor!

Your thoughts?

Be advised that the The Mr. Hankey Song is sort of gross. Your kids have deffinately heard it (and probably know it by heart), but you old folks may be offended! hehe:

The Mr. Hankey Song!

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