Tuesday, December 08, 2009

More on Sarah Palin, Israel, Afghanistan, Obama's dropping numbers, etc.

Palin on Bill O'Reilly

I'm still trying to get a handle on Sarah Palin.

In this interview (November 21, 2009) she says some things that sound good and some that cause me alarm.

At the 1:27 mark she talks briefly about Israel. Again, mixed blessings.
She says the US must let Israel know we support them and will stand with them, that we will not dictate to them about the settlements etc. Kudos...

But when O'Reilly gives here the hypothetical of Bibi Netanyahu calling and telling her, as president, that Israel is going to attack the Iranian nuke plants she says that "any kind of war strike is the very last option" and O'Reilly adds, 'so you say no to him, and then Bibi says you can stop them.' Note Palin's words carefully. She says, that is why the US must not allow things to get to that point.

What that means can be debated.

Does it mean she would then turn against Israel, that the US must recognize Israel's sovereignty but still manipulate them according to our agenda? That the US should hit Iran first? That the US should dictate to the region more directly? Just how committed is she to Israel...

AND I am still looking for a CURRENT and direct statement from Ms. Palin about the plans to divide Jerusalem and her view on that. Any links/sources on this would be most appreciated.

She also says the US must make Putin understand that the US is THE sole superpower in the world. There are lots of potential problems with that statement!

True leaders are followed because of their leadership qualities, their wisdom, their programs, not because people are intimidated by them. IF the US began showing true leadership and respect for other countries (and its own citizens) Russia and the other countries would be far more inclined to accept that role. Before 9-11 the US was largely respected. After 9-11 -- largely because of the decisions of Bush the-never-elected -- we are now universally mistrusted and commonly despised. We destroyed our reputation and only we can restore it.

The former Governor also called for an increase in the unjust US war against Afghanistan with a new surge etc. (which Obama is even now implementing) when what we need to do is get out of there and out of Iraq now and allow the people of those countries to determine the kind of government they will have. In this she sounds too much like Bush the-never-elected. The fact is that these wars were deliberately designed without an endpoint. if we "have to win" we can never leave because our intentions are diametrically opposed to the will of the citizens of these occupied countries.

I think I like Sarah Palin as a person and that we would have a lot in common if we ever met and talked around a kitchen table... but I'm still not convinced about her as President, especially regarding her views on Israel, the New World Order and the continuation of these unjustifiable wars.

As of today the Interloper's Gallup ratings have dropped to 47% (the biggest popularity rating drop at this point in any administration since Gallup began keeping records according to Sean Hannity) while Governor Palin's are raising. They are now in a statistical dead heat, she is at 46%.

Just a few scattered thoughts...
What are yours?

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