Monday, May 17, 2010

A Question for my Biblically Knowledgeable Friends About Women

Variations on this question have been coming to me lately from diverse places so I thought I'd ask for the opinions of my biblically knowledgeable contacts (and others of course).

I realize there are potential "landmines" with this topic so while I'd prefer to have this discussion here, I also invite replies via e-mail or the in-house mail service (depending on where you are reading this).

Yes or no answers are fine, but I'd appreciate a bit of "why" if possible, including biblical references, church tradition, personal experiences etc. I'd like to know what YOU honestly believe and why.

1. Does the Bible allow women to be pastors?

2. Would you regularly attend services (and/or join) a congregation lead by a female pastor?

I look forward to your replies.

While I am mainly thinking about Christian churches with this one, I'd be interested in other traditions as well, female rabbis, imams, gurus and so on.

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fixit-r jipit said...

i know a lot of females more qualified than what is now distorting the established congregation (church)in several areas of pa.-male & female.what happens to these people,mini strokes or are they hirelings who lost zip & mistreat the can do more to influence by not being a pastor.yess-i love smart godly women.does mom qualify as a pastor?