Monday, November 22, 2010

Ground Zero Imam Threatens All Americans Who Oppose Ground Zero Mosque

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Ground Zero Imam Threatens All Americans
Who Oppose Ground Zero Mosque


ALERT: The Ground Zero Mosque Imam - Feisal Rauf - has issued an effectual "fatwah" on the brave 9/11 First Responder, fireman Vincent Forras who is opposing Rauf! And the fatwah goes for anyone else who dares get in the way of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque.

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As you know, Declaration Alliance is working with Vincent Forras who has filed a groundbreaking lawsuit to stop the Ground Zero Mosque. The controversial Imam Feisal Rauf has responded with intimidation and insults.

In a recent press conference announcing Rauf's intention to bully Forras into backing down, (by way of a personal lawsuit designed to bankrupt this brave first responder and kill the class action suit we are pursuing), the controversial Imam Feisal Rauf took intimidation one step further -- accusing Forras of bigotry, a mortal insult against Islam.

In accusing injured American Hero Vinnie Forras of bigotry, Rauf is throwing down the gauntlet, challenging Islamist true believers to punish not only Forras but anyone who stands in the way of the Ground Zero Mosque and the Islamization of America. Let us not forget how Feisal Rauf and his colleagues feel about "insulting Islam" -- as Rauf said on CNN, if the GZM is not built, there will be more terrorist violence as a direct consequence!

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Imam Feisal Rauf has publicly stated his belief that the 9/11 attacks were "justified," and he now apparently believes brave heroes like Vincent Forras have no right to use the American legal system for redress of grievances and suffering of all those who risked their lives in the attacks' aftermath.

None of this is surprising coming from a man who recently published a book in Malaysia titled "A call to prayer from the WTC debris - Islamic Da'wah in the heart of American post 9/11". According to the Qur'an, (Sura 30:25), Da'wah is the call to the dead to rise on the Day of Judgment... those who do not adhere to Sharia law are damned for their sins.

Finally, let me stress again Feisal Rauf's recent ominous interview with CNN's Soledad O'Brien where he stated that more terrorist violence will result if building of the mosque is prevented.

Declaration Alliance Needs You In the Legal Fight
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The class action complaint against Feisal Rauf and his Ground Zero "Victory" Mosque are publicly available for review at Declaration Alliance is working with the plaintiffs as a civic advocacy and social welfare organization in conjunction with the public interest legal group, Freedom Watch and attorney Larry Klayman. It is vital that we rapidly pursue this legal action into the "discovery" phase and uncover the shadowy interests and international financial tentacles that are so aggressively pushing to bankroll this monument extolling Islamist supremacy on American hallowed ground.

If everyone who receives this message would sacrifice $100 toward preserving their own freedoms, we could get the word out to enough concerned Americans to make the difference and halt the march of radical Islam and Sharia law in America.

Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes

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