Sunday, June 05, 2011

Pete Eyre Arrested For Wearing A Hat - AND "God wants YOU to wear a hat!

Pete Eyre Arrested For Wearing A Hat -

Blatant Unneeded Aggressive

One of these days the bystanders will start coming to the defense of such victims when they witness these sorts of violations and then "Change" will begin.

It will be messy business but that day is coming.

Imagine what would have happened if those in the courtroom waiting for their own rights to be violated had risen like free citizens of a free country and come to Pete's defense and jumped the bailiffs? Handcuffing them! The battle would have doubtless been lost, but such an opening salvo COULD be how the US Constitution is restored (if that ever happens). One thing is certain, if the people of the former USA don't stand the nation will never be restored.

And by the way, it doesn't matter if these guys look for opportunities to uphold their/our civil rights or not!

In 1963 the march from Selma to Montgomery didn't "just happen."

The way civil and human rights are protected is when brave people like these men place themselves into harm's way to uphold the rights of us all. We should be grateful to them.

It is not a crime to wear a hat, its an antiquated social convention. Free people are not bound to observe such customs. Kudos to Pete Eyre and his friends!

On a Lighter Note:

God Wants You To Wear A Hat!
by The Whitest Kids You Know

But seriously:

"I Wont Back Down!"
by the Man in Black

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