Friday, July 01, 2011

Join Our Beth HaTikvah Shul For Their First Online Shabbat Service Tonight!

Mazel Tov and blessings to Messianic Hakham Yochanan ben Zalman and the good folks of Beth HaTikvah on their first online Shabbat Service

TONIGHT at 8 PM Eastern

(or 5 PM Pacific time zone).

Watch Beth HaTikvah each Shabbat Here or Here

And Watch Beth HaShem's Regular Service at 8 PM Pacific time zone HERE

Shabbat Service at Messianic Temple Beth HaTikva: Yardley PA


Welcome to Beth HaTikva!
In Association With Beth HaShem

A Friendly and Authentic Messianic Jewish Congregation in Yardley, Pennsylvania

Home of Yeshiva Beth HaShem

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Shabbat Service times are based on sunset. (CLICK HERE for Beth HaTikvah's Sabbath Schedule).

    CLICK HERE for our full Pacific time zone Shabbat Service from Beth HaShem and Beth Yachad with Rebbe Larry and Rabbi Yochanan

    (CLICK HERE for our Sabbath Schedule).

    CLICK HERE for our weekly Parsha (Torah portion) Reading With Rebbe Larry and Rabbi Yochanan at 2 PM Eastern Time Zone (live at 11 AM Pacific).

    (CLICK HERE for our Parsha Reading Schedule).

    CLICK HERE for our weekly dicussion show: What Matters Most.

    CLICK HERE for Rabbi Yochanan's weekly prophecy show. Every Shabbat at 4 PM Eastern time zone (live at 1 PM Pacific).

      And now for something completely different....

      Erev Shabbat Live!

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