Friday, January 13, 2012

The Regular Broadcasts of Temple Beth HaShem

Shalom friends,

Our latest Shabbat service for 1.6.12 is now uploaded.

The service for 1.6.12 can be seen on my blog:

Or on YouTube here:

Rebbe Larry will now be broadcasting the Shabbat service live each week from Temple Beth HaShem in Fort Bragg, Ca. Here's how to watch:

The Live (7 PM Pacific) and/or most recent broadcast can be seen on our website here:

Or on Ustream within a few days of broadcast:

The weekly Parsha reading can now be seen here:
Live on our website (not usually posted on our YouTube):
9 AM Pacific with Rebbe Larry and Hakham Leah and again at 11 AM Pacific with Rabbi Yochanan and Hakham Ahuva:

My ongoing pre-recorded series: "Thus Say The Prophets" is usually posted to by 1 PM Pacific on Saturdays (often the day before).
It can be watched, read and heard on my website:

And is posted to our YouTube channel:

We hope you regularly watch our various broadcasts and we invite your comments and/or questions

We also offer a free online yeshiva or school of authentic Messianic Judaism here:

~ Rabbi Yochanan Levine

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