Sunday, September 02, 2012

Andre Barnett for POTUS in 2012!

We have no viable options for the 2012 election.

Whether Barry Soetoro or Mit Romney and Ryan wins the nation and the world are going to lose BIG TIME. Its just a fact. Depression is coming.

can you imagine what would happen if We The People united around an real American for president? Behind a nationalist candidate who is committed to the United States? Behind a candidate who understands the importance of compassion for seniors, the disabled and the victims of the Bush, Obama and Romney economic pillaging of the nation? If we stood united behind a candidate who stands firmly with Israel and American values? Who supports religious freedom? Who is anti-war and pro-defense? Who supports women AND children...
And behind a man who looks good in underwear ahem... well... there is that :-)
As of now I'm supporting Andre Barnett For President in 2012. Not only is he NOT Obama nor Romney, he talks a good game and he stands for the restoration of the Republic and all that we've lost under W. Bush and Obama!
Andre Barnett For President 2012

Andre Barnett @ Reform Party of NJ 2012 Convention
Debate 3 RFID chip
Andre Barnett - Response To The State Of The Union
Andre Barnett - Running for President of USA - Oct 2011

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