Friday, November 02, 2012

Yes on 37: Our Right To Know

Maybe we should not vote YES On Prop 37! I mean after all... what gives you the right to know what you are eating? Surely the global corporations should make these decisions for us... It might hurt our little brains to decide what we want to eat and what we don't. Bit Farma knows better than you right? Besides GMOs are good for us right? Yummy yummy... what does God know about making plants grow? We're smarter... right... Californians don't be fooled by the barrage of slick advertising! ALL Prop 37 does is requires a label telling us if what we eat has been GMO modified. That's it. It doesn't go far enough in my opinion, restaurants are not required to tell us nor are a few other industries (like dairy and beef) but this is a VERY solid step forward toward forcing the mega corporations to acknowledge what they are placing on the store shelves for our consumption... JUST LIKE is done across Europe, in India, even in China!

Trust Us! GMOs Are Yummy!

YES on 37!

Yes On Prop 37: InfoWars

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