Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Imagine this scenario

I suppose something needs to be done about the US Southern border but...
Imagine this scenario:

A US president is elected (or steals the election with the help of his brother, fixed voting machines, etc.) who is not dedicated to upholding our freedoms (oh I know it would never happen, but follow me here...). Let's just say this president decided not to leave office when his term is up, citing terrorism, national security etc. and declares marshal law. Now say he begins imprisoning people, torturing people and so on ... Say that certain US patriots felt the need to flee south to escape the US for some reason (surviving outside in Canada and beyond is not as practical as going south). Now imagine a wall or fence designed to stop access to (or from) the US that seals off the Mexican border...

Why does Herr Bush really want this fence?
First he steals the Reichstag's fire justification
Now he builds his own Berlin Wall!
Prepare a hiding place for those you love!
Dark Days Are Coming!

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