Friday, May 23, 2008

The Division of Jerusalem and the "Shelf Plan" Must Be Stopped!

Hi friends,
As I sometimes do, I am posting a letter from Mike Evans (the Christian group Jerusalem Prayer Team) and encouraging you to support his movement in defense of Israel. The graphics are added by me. It sheds light on what the New World Order Bush/Clinton dynastic junta is trying to do to the Holy City by the end of this year and is giving us one of the few channels we have to directly oppose this evil against Israel, the Jewish people and the Will of God. Its well worth a read whether you are a supporter of Israel or not:

Dear Partner and Friend of Israel,

I have just finished my second visit to Israel in the last 5 weeks
because of the urgent crisis in the nation. President Shimon Peres has
invited me to join a special meeting he has put together with Mikhail

, Tony Blair, President Bush and other world leaders. I could not
refuse his invitation. This is the most crucial moment in the 60 year
modern history of Israel.

I am shocked, outraged, and horrified at the plot to divide Jerusalem.
President Bush has refused to go to the Western Wall or visit Mt.
Calvary or the other Christian holy sites--because he has taken the position
that they are "disputed territory!" If this plan is passed, East
Jerusalem will be under Islamic rule of law... To anyone who knows and believes the
Bible, they know these places are not up for dispute!

I was horrified to learn that when President Bush came to Israel for
its 60th Anniversary, he had made the decision to mobilize Arab nations
to come together for a summit. It is extremely humiliating to think this
would be America's way of honoring Israel's 60th year of prophetic
rebirth. Within 48 hours of celebrating the birth of the baby, President

met in Egypt with King Hussein and other leaders to carve the baby.

God promised this land to Israel...and He will curse any one and any
nation that tries to take it away. President Bush is committed to his
plan to divide Jerusalem and force Israel to evacuate and abandon a vast
portion of the West Bank before he leaves office next January. He is
bringing incredible pressure to bear on Israel using our financial aid,
the European Union, the United Nations, the Arab League, and everyone
else he can find to force them to give in. A secret agreement called the
"Shelf Plan" has been approved so that if he's not able to succeed by
November of this year the next President will have the legal right finish
the task.

The only hope Israel has is if millions of Christians pray, unite
together, and speak up, and God turns the hearts of the rulers away from
their plans against the Jews. This is a spiritual battle, and it can only
be won with spiritual weapons. We must also send a strong signal to
President Bush--and to the person who will replace him as well--that
Bible-believing Christians will not sit by idly while Israel is destroyed!

I must have your help today. Please rush the largest gift you have ever
made--the battle is raging, and we need the resources to win it in the
media! Ours is the age of communication...and we must be able to rally
believers to pray and get the word out about what is behind the
so-called Road Map to Peace.

This is a battle I have been fighting for decades. I boldly faced down
Secretary of State James Baker in front of the world media at the
Madrid Peace I did with the National Security Advisor Robert
McFarlin...and went toe-to-toe with the murderous terrorist Yasser

at the 43rd General Assembly in Geneva.

As you well know I have appeared on virtually every media outlet in
America, standing in the gap for the Jewish people and mobilizing millions
of God-fearing Americans. Only the truth can set us free.

I will do this as your Ambassador if you say yes.

My articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times,
and USA Today. I have appeared on most of the networks such at FOX,
NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN. Together we need to launch a national media blitz
utilizing radio, television, and the printed page, along with the
internet to urgently to unite millions.

I cannot do this without your financial support. You are heaven's

I am not afraid to stand up to terrorists and to speak up on behalf of
my people. I know how to fight, I'm ready to fight, and I know that if
you stand with me in this crucial hour...we will be victorious!

Please rush your gift today.

Your Ambassador to Jerusalem,

Mike Evans

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Just Say NO!
NO! To the Division of Jerusalem!
NO! To US intervention around the globe!
NO! To the New World Order Elites who are securing their Novus Ordo Seclorum!
NO! To Democratic AND Republican Appointed Governments at home and abroad!
NO! To Hillary!
NO! To the Bush Clinton Dynastic Junta!
NO! To the soon coming Rex Mundi!

If We The People Don't Stand Soon
It will be too late.

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