Thursday, April 30, 2009

Anyone else in Northern California feel the earthquake last night?

At 9 P.M. last night Andy and I both felt a fairly substantial jolt -- about a 4 .1 on the Richter Scale -- (followed by three or four small waves) we 'd both say. Our house is built on rock (the northern CA buttes) and so we get the standard jolts rather than the more dangerous flowing waves of shaking. Last night we got both. The jolt was pretty strong.What makes this odd (we get little quakes fairly often here) is that the USGS is not reporting any quake activity here recently. BUT/AND Clear Lake, a couple of hours away, reportedly had what would be aftershocks at around 10 pm, midnight and earlier this morning. LA is also having lots of small tremors they report.I'm thinking maybe they are using the HARP machine again. Mexico has also had quake activity in the last few days.So we're just wondering... anyone else feel these?

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