Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why SOME People Pay Taxes

Lots of people choose to pay federal income taxes, something like 45% of all Americans.

Constitutionally they don't have to... But they do it anyway...

C'est la vie

Here's two Donald Duck Cartoons that show how the government foisted this unconstitutional hoax system on the American people, followed by the audio: The Creature From Jekyll Island that shows how the Federal Reserve scam began.

By the way, if you live in the Western U.S. and were a customer of Washington Mutual... or if you are a customer of Chase, Chase Manhattan, etc. CHANGE BANKS!!!! Do you really want to directly give your money to J.P. Morgan's company?

The Spirit of '43

A New Spirit In America

The Creature From Jekyll Island

But... If you want to pay to further the New World Order Agenda you might as well...

Dance to the Happy Happy Joy Joy Song!

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