Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Visit Us At Temple Beth HaSHem!

At various times people in the Northern California area have asked me for a recommendation on a good place of worship for Noahide Nazarenes. I now have a place I can recommend whole heartedly.

While the term Noahide Nazarene is one I coined several years ago, this "Messianic Jewish" rabbi and his congregation are teaching more or less the same things I reference by the term.

Rabbi Larry Levine has recently opened a true Orthodox-based Messianic Jewish shul in the Chico California area (Magalia). I recommend his shul whole hearted -- indeed I am now a member of it and am training under him.

Rabbi Larry was raised an Orthodox Jew. He was educated at a traditional Orthodox Jewish Yeshiva and is incredibly knowledgeable. Through a fascinating experience HaShem revealed to him in his later years that Y'shua is who he says he is. Those in our area are cordially invited to join us for Shabbat services. This shul (temple) is open to everyone regardless of any external considerations. YOU will be welcomed there:

Visit Temple Beth HaSHem!

Temple Beth HaSHem
("House of God")
Rabbi Larry Levine
14798 Holmwood Dr.
Magalia, Ca. 95954
-- Shabbat services Fridays at 7 P.M.
Torah Study Saturdays 11 A.M.

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