Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Whitman won: What Republicans and Conservatives Should do next.

As expected, Democratic Globalist Party plant Meg Whitman has won the Republican nomination for governor of California, showing yet again that the US and many of the states are being lead by a one party dictatorship and that large segments of the state are politically asleep to what is happening.

This means that in November two staunch supporters of Barry Sotero and Nancy Pelosi will be conducting a mock campaign to further destroy California and assist in the implementation of the coming Global Union.

My advise is for all Republicans and Conservatives to vote for Democrat Jerry Brown for governor.

Throughout his career Jerry Brown has shown himself to be an avowed liberal and proponent of full government takeover and control.

But at least he's honest about it! Unlike Whitman.

In the days leading up to her nomination Whitman aired last minute deceptive ads stating her opposition to illegal immigration, sanctuary cities and so on. What her ad did not say is that she supports legalizing all the illegals. If they are all legal there will be no "illegal immigration" problem.

Sadly, her main opponent Steve Poizner
became a member of the CFR (the globalist Council on Foreign Relations) in 2006 so this was going to be a globalist takeover of the state whichever one won the Republican nomination.

IF conservatives refuse to vote for this deception enmasse it could make a slight positive dent in what the party leaders do next. If they vote for Meg Whitman in November they might as well be voting for Obama and Nancy Pelosi. There are no fundamental difference in their views.

If Whitman beats Brown she will effectively open the borders and begin selling the state on E-Bay (she is its founder).

If Jerry Brown wins he will further open the border and give the state away through incompetence and liberal policies.

We are intensifying our search for a new state to move to. Any suggestions?

We'd like to find a place with a fairly moderate climate (not too hot in Summer nor too cold in winter) and one that is moderately priced... that supports the First and Second Amendments and that is more freedom minded and likely to stand against the federal government as needed.

California needs to completely collapse, to go bankrupt, to hit rock bottom (we already have in education, second amendment protections etc). Then MAYBE Californians will join those awakening in Arizona, Texas and elsewhere and begin the process of waking up.

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