Saturday, September 11, 2010

Then: 9-11 Was An Inside Job: Now: Muslim "President", Muslim Shrine at Ground Zero...What's next?

Then: 9-11 Was An Inside Job (that used Muslim/al Ikhwan Contractors)

Now: The US Has an Indonesian Muslim/al Ikhwan "President" Who Says "the US is Large Muslim Country"

Soon: There Will be a Muslim Shrine at Ground Zero Celebrating Islam's Victory Over the US

...What's next?

Our Judeo Christian United States?

When Did It Cease to Exist?

The Invisible Empire:

Meet Your New Boss: Same As The Old Boss

Muslim Demographics You Should Know About!

They Tried To Kill Us. They Failed. Let's Eat!

9/11 - The Ultimate Con [Complete Move Click Here]

The Gospel of The Chosen One: Obama Our King

911 Loose Change (full-length)

NWO Eugenics

Hillary and Walter Cronkite - Not JBS - For World Government

Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove ( Alex Jones )

Hitler and the Mufti Of Jerusalem/Nazi-Muslim Connection

Hamas In Their Own Voices

Behold the End Time Has Arrived

THEY Want Your Soul!

One World Government?

Thomas Jefferson warned us about the evil of central banks

The Creature From Jekyll Island (1910)

New World Order:

Stop it Now Or Bow Soon

Order of the Defeated Dragon

Merovingian Bloodline

One Tin Soldier

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