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On Being "Slain in the Spirit"

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On Being Slain in the Spirit
Why the People Fall

Another Q & A with John of AllFaith -- 10.18.10

    Questioner: Nihal
    Private: no
    Subject: Why People fall?

      Why some worshipers fall backwards when Pastors lay hands on them to Bless? This act repeats on some without a result/Healing.
      The Bible does not support this fall either.

My Reply:

Hi Nihal,

In the Bible when the Holy Spirit falls on a person they always fall forward in awe and worship not backwards (if they fall). As you say there is no biblical support for the practice commonly referred to as being slain in the Spirit.

In SOME cases the person is gradually placed off balance by the person "laying on hands" by gradual applied pressure during the "prayer" and then pushed gently one last time until they fall or must move to stay on their feet (in which case they are said to be "resisting the Spirit"). You can often see people shuffle to stay on their feet as the initial pressure is applied. Anyone can do this. Its become a popular party trick in some anti-Christian circles.

In SOME cases I have experienced both directly (personally) and indirectly (in others) this phenomenon where no such heretical tricks are used however, where the act appears to be legitimate (and where I am convinced it was) and where the Presence of God (the Ruach HaKodesh) is tangibly present: Both as the person doing the prayers and as the person being prayed for. Whether specifically mentioned in the Bible or not, God does move in this way at times.

Sometimes when we pray for healings and so on the answer is yes, and sometimes it is no. God is our Father and knows best. He at times blesses us even while declining our requests. He is God, not "Santa Claus."

When God bestows a blessing Lucifer often comes from behind and counterfeits it. The same is true with "speaking in tongues." The Bible gives very clear guidelines on this and much of the babel one hears in some churches has nothing to do with the biblical blessing. BUT the blessing does exist and is practiced today.

The best I can tell you is to seek God and His Will for your life. "Signs and wonders" are often deceptive The best I can tell you is to seek God and His Will for your life. "Signs and wonders" are often deceptive (Matthew 12:39).

"The Truth will set you free!

    ~ John of AllFaith
    ~ Yochanan ben Avraham
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