Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Help Obama Fight The Tea Party!

I love Irony...
Symbolism matters.
The United States was established, in part, by the nationalist action called "The Boston Tea Party." You know that of course.

As everyone also surely knows by this point, the so-called Tea Party Movement that is now shaking the former U.S. political scene and threatening to be instrumental in throwing out Junta Leader Barry Soetoro (aka Husein Obama) was co-opted by the Republican Party early on. This is regrettable but not my point here...

My interest is the symbolism displayed in the latest Democratic Party mass e-mail. Following is my little parody of that bit of political fluff followed by their actual ad graphic:

Now the real one... it says the same thing really!

This official Democratic Party ad is for the illegal

immigrant junta leader who is now calling on

Americans to oppose the very thing that

established our former Republic!

Like I say: I appreciate the irony...

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