Thursday, January 13, 2011

The government of Lebanon collapsed Wednesday...

This from the Jerusalem Prayer Team:

The government of Lebanon collapsed Wednesday when members of the terrorist group Hezbollah and their supporters withdrew from the "Unity Coalition." The United Nations investigation into the murder of former Prime Minister Rafik Harari, father of the current Prime Minister is expected to reveal Hezbollah's roll in the assassination.

The collapse of Lebanon's already shaky government further increases the security threat Israel faces from the north. It is believed that Iran and Syria have provided Hezbollah with more than 40,000 rockets and missiles to use against Israel. The terrorist group already effectively controlled most of southern Lebanon. And there is now little to restrain them from renewing their assault on Israel.

Northern Israeli cities such as Haifa are being warned to prepare for the increased threat. Some analysts believe Lebanon could fracture into a collection of tribal regions governed by warlords and terrorists. Iran has been equipping and encouraging Hezbollah to be active in preparing for renewed war against Israel.

In 1993 just days before the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, God warned me in a vision that Hezbollah would rise to become the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world. Admiral James Woolsey, the former head of the CIA, has confirmed that prophecy has come true. I am very familiar with their evil work. I was in Beirut when they killed more than 230 US Marines--many of these young men I had just shared the Gospel with the night before the attack. They tried to kill me the next day, and had an angel of the Lord not personally intervened I believe they would have succeeded. They are Iran's state within a state in Lebanon, and they are hell-bent on wiping Israel off the map.


333FPsalm32:10 said...

"I would go so far to say it's a scam" plus James Wellman equals cheap science. Or simply another form of a macro culture element attempting to dictate to other religions how they should be, think, and behave. If not, they are less than a religion, so just a scam. This is a legitimate institution! Those who collect donations are the ones in the process of rehabilitation themselves. A big proportion of them are former addicts. Some have been free of drugs and other conditions for years, and others are still in the process of rehab. Other proportion were disengaged individuals that were homeless due to their addictions or simply their disadvantage socioeconomic status. This information is based on a ethnographic research of a 20+ year duration.


TBA/Psalm 51: 6

333FPsalm32:10 said...

I just posted the following information on other sites and will soon be writing a report on DA David Eyster's behavior. Those engaging in discriminatory behavior have to be held accountable for their actions.

This church indeed fights drug abuse. Most of those collecting donations are the ones that have been rehabilitated or are in the process of rehab. These individuals receive free shelter and food for a period of three months. After that period they decide if they become missionaries and continue their life journey of rehab and relapse prevention through the word and work of God. They are not forced to stay, so they can choose to leave at any time.
The church has different informal rehab centers that are shelters designed for women or men. Most of these former drug users stay; some have relapses and leave from time to time. Their rehabilitation is the result of their spiritual transformation through the word and work of God. The donations these individuals collect help to pay for the free shelter and basic needs individuals receive at no cost.
The donations also allow the church to open new location at different places within the United States, Latin America, Caribe, and Europe. As any other Christian denomination, spreading the word of God is their primary purpose as well as helping those in need. Most of church members are of Latino decent; there are Whites, Blacks, and individuals from other ethnic groups as well. The flags on the church website represent the members of the church and their countries.
Apostol Rolando Gonzales was a faithful man of God who dedicated his life to fulfill Jesus Christ mission. God's communicates through dreams, visions, and even by personally talking to his chosen such as Paul, Moses, and so on. Those shocked by this have no knowledge of the bible's content.
The church does not have to be part of any group and is not required by law. The same way California does not require academic institutions to be part of APA. Those are regulations formed by third parties not the law. This is why there are not BBB complaints about this church. This church has a constitutional right to exercise their freedom of religion.
Those interested in knowing how much money this church collects should also ask the Catholic church how much money they make through their cash collection during a church service and that multiply by the number of masses in any given year.
The information provided here is based on ethnographic research of 20+ duration. Those interested in knowing more can contact me. If you do not have evidence about this church being a scam leave them alone. Your behavior and the behavior of those involved such as John of "all" faiths' James Wellman, and DA David Eyster, Mendocino County, show biases, discrimination, ignorance, and stupidity.