Friday, January 07, 2011

Tragedy in Pakistan. Attacks on Christians escalating.

The "religion of peace" that has no "no compulsion in religious matters" is stepping up its program of religious genocide.

This from
the American Center for Law and Justice:

There's been a terrible tragedy in Pakistan this week - the Muslim governor of the Punjab Province has been murdered by radical Islamists because he opposed the country's oppressive Islamic blasphemy law.

In a new piece for the Washington Post, I discuss the oppressive regime that has boasted about this horrific assassination - and the work that our ACLJ affiliate in the same Pakistani province where this tragedy occurred does to defend Pakistani Christians.

Governor Salmaan Taseer was proclaimed an ''infidel'' and murdered because he opposed a law widely recognized as a tool to persecute non-Muslims, especially Christians. We are seeing attacks and tragic deaths escalate across the Middle East of not just Christians, but anyone who opposes radical Islam.

Please be sure to read this new article at the Washington Post, then register and comment today - to express your solidarity with persecuted Christians everywhere. What can evangelicals in the U.S. do for our brothers and sisters in Christ?


Jordan Sekulow
Director of Policy and International Relations

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