Friday, March 04, 2011

A Name Change and a Reminder About Our Shabbat Services Broadcasts This Week

Shalom friends!

I will gradually be updating my writings and records throughout my ministry outlets and those of Temple and Yeshiva Beth HaShem to reflect an honor that has been bestowed upon me by Rebbe Larry Levine of Temple Beth HaShem.

Rebbe Larry has spiritually adopted me as his son as allowed in Jewish law. As a result, I have been adopted into the Levi'yim (the House of Levi) and will begin using the name Yochanan Levine rather than Yochanan ben Avraham.

Here I will remain John of AllFaith. I'm just sharing this with you.

Traditionally male converts to Judaism take the surname "ben Avraham" (son of Avraham) however Jews have the authority to spiritually adopt converts and grant them admission into their family lineages.

When I first formally converted I followed the standard tradition and embraced the name Yochanan (John) ben Avraham. As I have now been brought into the family of Rebbe Larry (Label ben Shmu'el Levine) I have adopted the name Rabbi Yochanan ben Label Levine.


Temple Beth HaShem will again be broadcasting our Shabbat Services live this week:

Friday evening: 7 P.M. (Pacific): Our Shabbat service.
Saturday morning: 11 AM (Pacific): Our Parsha Reading (Torah portion).

The application to watch the broadcasts is located on our various homepages. Once the broadcasts are live the "Offline" notice will change to "Live." Then, click the arrow to tune in.

Our broadcasts are posted on Youtube:
They are live on Justin TV:

Our Websites: -- Temple Beth HaShem -- Yeshiva Beth HaShem --

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Yochanan Levine

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