Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An update on our trip. Leaving Niagara Falls in the AM

Here's an update on our plans:

We'll be meeting with Tamid Christel in a few hours here in Niagara
. We'll be going to the falls together and sounding the shofar
there HaShem willing. That video should be posted later today.

We'll be pulling out of Niagara Falls tomorrow morning and heading south
toward Yardley, PA. We have learned of a beautiful mountain top on the
way on an alternate route where we hope to welcome Rosh Hashana. If
possible we will make a video of the sounding of the shofar there and
upload it asap.

Then on Thursday we should pull into Yardely around 1 PM Eastern.

Friday evening the plan is for Hakham Yochanan and I to do the Shabbat
service together at 6:30 EASTERN time (on his normal channel: see

Saturday morning at 11 AM EASTERN time we will do the weekly parsha
reading together on my normal channel (see below) and then at 1PM
EASTERN Hakham Yochanan and Gretchen will be renewing their marriage
vows from a authentic Messianic Jewish tradition. If possible they have
decided to share this rite live (on his normal channel: see below), if
not possible due to tech concerns etc. we hope to upload the YouTube of
the right later in the day.

For our joint Shabbat Service at 6:30 pm EASTERN watch live at:

For the joint parsha reading at 11 AM EASTERN:

For the wedding watch live if possible watch at 1 PM Eastern:
<http://templebethhashem.org/shabbateast.html> or watch for the
uploaded video on our YouTube channels, blogs etc.

The Revelation study will not be done this week. Hopefully it will
return next Shabbat.

Visit: http://templebethhashem.org/roaminrabbi.html
<http://templebethhashem.org/roaminrabbi.html> for more on the Roam'n
Rabbi and Hakham Ahuva.


~ Rabbi Yochanan and Hakham Ahuva

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