Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where is the Roam'n Rabbi now?

Shalom all,

We are now in Cheyenne, WY heading east. Everything important is going great. We're realizing the trailer was not as well made as we thought, Nothing major, the drawer with our canned good broke... but its all going good.

I'll post updates here and here: as we continue on our merry way.

Once we get to Niagara, Falls I'll be uploaded vids etc.
I'm not sure where we will be for "What Matter's Most tomorrow (Thursday 5:30 PACIFIC time) be sure and check the "What Matter's Most" web page for the live feed or a pre-recorded broadcast:

Baruch HaShem!

Please keep us in your prayers.

~ Rabbi Yochanan and Hakham Ahuva

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