Sunday, October 09, 2011

Our Trip: Gatlinburg Tn. and Cherokee NC

From our: The Continuing Adventures of the Roam'n Rabbi and Hakham Ahuva!


I've always loved kilts and we found a Celtic shop in Gatlinburg! So I bought two kilts. Talmid Yaran says he plans to wear the kilt at his wedding to Yiska in Stone Mountain October 15th and now I can do the same! My ancestry is largely Cymry (an ethnic group centered in Wales) and kilts were as common among my ancesters as they are among the Scotts. Felly rwy'n falch o wisgo'r chilt!

Today and tomorrow (10.9,10) we plan to relax around the campsite, maybe check out Cherokee a bit more. More pictures and video coming soon! We're having a great time! Shalom Shalom!


To: Stone Mountain, Ga

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