Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We're at Stone Mountain....

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We are in Stone Mountain, GA now and plan to stay: Friday, Oct 11 - 23.

I mentioned the kilt previously... Talmid Yaran has decided to not wear his kilt for the wedding in order to honor his family's preferences. However... Baruch HaShem ... as Hakham Ahuva and I were setting up camp we heard bagpipes! Investigating further we found a nice man from New Jersey playing the pipes beside the lake here. AND he informed us that THIS weekend is the Highland Games! Several clans of kilt-clad Highlanders are expected to be setting up camp here over the next couple of days! Two days of this annual event will be held right here at Stone Mountain! How cool is that? We were going to be camping at Lake Lanier originally but we felt led by HaShem to camp at Stone Mountain instead. I stumbled across a Celtic store in Gatlinburg, Tennessee (seems like an unlikely place!) and bought a kilt for the wedding (where we wont be wearing kilts after all) only to discover we camping at the site of Atlanta's annual Highland Games (where I will be). HaShem leads His people! Never doubt that!

The guy who handles the park's internet is supposed to be in the office tomorrow so I am hoping to talk with him and get our access expanded. If that's not possible, the dual conversions and wedding of Talmidim Yiska and Yaran, our Shabbat service, out special Sukkot broadcast and so on may not be broadcasted live as planned. If this is the case, I'll try and video tape them all and post them as I have access. There should be some very neat videos coming over the next couple of weeks!

I requested prayers for my parents before and I do so again now. Both are in ill health due to various age related issues. They are both doing well for now Baruch HaShem. We plan to visit them tomorrow before Sukkot begins. During this visit to the Atlanta area we'll also be visiting with my brother (a Baptist minster who sometimes posts here: maybe even attending his Sunday service) and my sister (an incredible artist), nieces, nephews and others. We're playing this portion of the trip largely by ear. We're having a great time, meeting lots of interesting people and so on. Including a man who sell rat cheese (video coming as soon as possible)!

Talmidim Yaran and Yiska should be camping with us Friday and Saturday. Yiska should be lighting the Shabbat candles this week.

More to come from Stone Mountain...

Shalom from the Roam'n Rabbi and Hakham Ahuva

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