Friday, January 25, 2008

21 Pounds and Dropping

Me in the autumn of 83 and the autumn of '84

In 1983 I began having weight problems for the first time in my life. The above photos were taken a year apart to the day. In a year I went from 180 pounds (81.64 k) to 295 (133.81 k) while eating much less food. This is because in late 1983 I was hit hard by an illness known as Myalgic Encephalomyalitis and have been vigorously fighting it ever since.

Since then my weight has gone up and down (a little). About three weeks ago I decided it was time to drastically reduce and I'm happy to announce that as of today I've lost 21 pounds (9.52 k). My goal is to keep going until I'm under 200 pounds (90.7 k) again. That's another 50 US pounds or 22.6 kilograms.

Me Dec of '07

Your continued prayers and good wishes are requested.


~John of AllFaith

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