Monday, January 28, 2008

My Diet: Reasons

Since posting about my diet here and elsewhere I've received a few notes from people concerned about the possible health effects of such an extreme diet.

First, I think it is so cool that we have the technology wherein we can have friends around the globe who genuinely care about each other! This is very cool and heart warming to both know and experience! I sincerely wish to thank everyone who has written me about this! For those who may find this of interest, here is my response:

Thanks for your concerns and thoughts,

The extra weight I'm carrying is causing several other potentially serious health problems, for instance a lot of bad heartburn and indigestion. My feet are frequently becoming numb and at times painfully "tingly", which is a warning sign for diabetes (I was tested and am negative for it thank God), the muscle pains that are common with ME (ME is like a cross between MS and Lupis) are exasperated by the extra weight and have been getting worse lately. I have far too little stamina. I used to hike mountains and swim rivers (literally), now a trip down the hill to the mailbox winds me. My Sleep Apnea (also common with ME folks) is worse due to the extra weight. I could go on and on. There are several things that both clinically and experiential are worse for overweight people, or at least in my case.

I'm not concerned about looks or social pressures and I'm not passing any judgments on overweight people. My decision to drop the extra weight has nothing to do with that. In my case, I just turned 51 and am in poor health. I need to get my health better. One of the really harsh (and particularly annoying to me) aspects of ME is that too much exercise cuts off the oxygen that goes to our brain. This causes mental difficulties like short term memory loss, confusion, feeling "stoned" etc. Because of this, exercise must be engaged in carefully. I have an alpine ski machine that I use a bit, I walk a little, but by exorcise alone I can't get the weight off. This is a matter of health and my desire to live for many more years. Frankly, I want to live long enough to see the fulfillment of the end time prophecies and am convinced they are already well in process. Reading the newspaper or dependable Internet new sites is like reading the prophets. Everything is falling into place as they foretold.

Also, related, my research into the REAL ID System that will soon be introduced into the US, Canada and Mexico (soon to unite as the North American Union) has convinced me that when this new system is implemented I as thousands of others will refuse to accept it. Those who refuse will essentially become non-persons. Without REAL ID one will not be able to legally drive, fly on commercial planes, travel on commercial buses, travel between security zones (the checkpoints for which are springing up all over the country now as I saw on my recent trip back east) enter any federal government building, get passports (US passports are already RFID chipped by the way) receive federal aid, disability payments, food stamps, AFDC, welfare, HUD or other subsidies, etc. As the system develops, health information will be added, thus removing health care from the loop for non-compliant people. An out of shape obese person has little hope of surviving what lies ahead under such circumstances. This system, depending on the source one considers, may either be implemented this March or May. They were going to start the program May 1, 2005 but opposition to the RFID chip component put the idea on hold until this year ('08). According to the Department of Homeland Security website itself (, religious-based objections to the new system will not result in conscientious objector status being granted. The only option will be to accept or reject this pre-mark technology. Depending on exactly how they do it, I will almost certainly refuse it and embrace non-person status.

This aside, how many elderly people does one see who are seriously overweight? Not many. They typically don't live that long.

I agree that living on 300 calories for an extended time would be very unhealthy, however for a short period of time I don't see that it would hurt anything. I've done water-only fasts for 40 days once, 30 days a couple of times and for 20 days several times and never experienced any negative effects from doing this (quite the contrary in fact). This time I am eating, just not much, and it is working so far.

I sincerely believe that the darkest days of our nation's history are just ahead and that in order to survive them we must be physically and spiritually prepared. I am working to prepare myself as best I can.

If interested, sources of information about REAL ID and what lies ahead from my blog can be found here and elsewhere: The excellent "Freedom to Fascism" movie, various DHS quotes and links, my commentaries on this and other issues, and much more.

Also see my: for info on the REAL ID cards themselves.

One can also google:
real id
mark of the beast
North American Union
and so on.

There is a lot of info out there on what is coming down. The problem is, there is practically no real resistance yet.

Thanks again for your concerns,
~John of AllFaith

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