Sunday, March 02, 2008

God bless America?

"GOD Bless America?"
Why In Heaven's Name Would He Do That?

A Multiply friend posted a blog that said, in essence, "America, love it or leave it" and asked that God would bless the United States. The following is my reply. As its not the sort of reply my friend was looking for, I'm not going to reference her site here as the inspiration, but she is more than welcome to do so in the comments section below if she wishes.

The problem, it seems to me, is that there are many different "Americas."

There is the America of good natured, hard working people who are the "salt of the earth," who freely give to many worthy causes, who come together in times of danger and disaster for the public good, who support various helpful charities, who pay their taxes and fight in wars "to defend us" because they believe their leaders... but that's only one segment, and one that is fast shrinking into irrelevance at that.

BUT there is also the greedy war mongering America, the selfish ethnocentrist America that for many years has been practicing cultural imperialism throughout the planet. There is the infidel America that is hard at work seeking to destroy religion and faith around the world and at home through science so-called and Secular Humanism and media manipulation, there is the globalist America that now controls about 75% of the global economy (this "America" is falling fast as the Euro passes the dollar in international trade in preparation of the emergence of the North American Union -- and its coming Amero that will replace the dollar -- to be followed by the Global Union as the prophets foretold). There is the illegal IRS and Federal Reserve Board that robs Americans blind of their properties and earnings and sends this vast wealth not to the American people but into Bilderberg coffers for the Novus Ordo Seclorum and the Illuminati...

So... Which "America" IS America?
Which "America" is above justifiable criticism?

When the victims of American foreign policy and corporate imperialism speak out, they generally do so as legitimate victims of US concentration camps, Black Op Sites, torture farms, impoverished and squalid cities that have been raped by US corporations and propped up by US backed military juntas around the globe... They aren't making this stuff up.

Just as we "salt of the earth" Americans often can not fathom why our nation is so hated around the world -- according to almost every poll I know of the US is now viewed as world's #1 exporter of terrorism and the least trusted military power on the planet -- so too these victims of US aggression can not understand how it is that we don't understand their plights or what our government is doing to them.

Just as the early Euro-Americans intentionally infected the blankets of the Cherokee with small pocks to destroy their rightful claims to the land we stole as they were force-marched along the Trail of Tears wrapped in these deadly blankets, so too today US interests are deliberately 'poisoning' the earth and spreading war and terrorism for their own fascist, globalist purposes.

The US is not the nation most Americans have been brainwashed to believe it is.

So... God bless America?
Why in Heaven's Name would He do that?

We "legally" murder millions of our own children.
We have one of the worst infant mortality rates on earth.
We are the only industrialized nation that does not provide health care for its people.
We have outlawed God from our schools.
We have outlawed God from all government properties (courthouses, parks, street corners etc) and yet our money hypocritically says, "In God We Trust!"
We have surrendered most of our privacy rights.
We illegally rob our citizens through the illegally established and maintained IRS.
We have created a society based on greed and hedonism on the backs of others, after stealing the land of the aboriginal peoples who lived here first and slaughtering most of them.
The US Congress has a lower turn-over than the Soviet Politburo did!
We have legally held slaves of people of African and Asian decent (and others) and African Americans still have not achieved true equality.
We deny marriage, adoption rights and other legal protections to over 10% of our citizens AND most Americans believe to do otherwise would be immoral!
We provide the market for slave and forced labor camps from China and elsewhere by outsourcing American jobs to their brutal regimes at the loss of American jobs and allowing slave-produced goods to be imported.
We are engaged in unjustifiable wars of aggression and ongoing terrorist acts around the globe.

On and on this list could go...

AND all of this is happening by the allowance of We the People, we, the salt of the earth. While we were watching Oprah and American Idol our nation was stolen right from under our noses and we continue to support this situation. That means, WE the People are responsible for it ALL because we don't stop it. By allowing this system to continue we are all guilty of ALL crimes conducted by the US government and its associated juntas and cartels.

But... we Americans are the freest people on earth...

So... Why on earth would God even consider blessing the US?

Beats me!

If God blesses the United States He owe Sodom and Gomorrah a serious apology!

Your thoughts?

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