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Happy Saint Stupid's Day! The True Made-up Story of Saint John Not The Apostle

Saint John Not The Apostle
Self Appointed "Patron Saint of Saintless Patrons"

Chant the not-so sacred mantra:
"I know I know I know I know
That I really don't know at all!"

Allfaitheus, Roam mania (AP) - Due to the recent re-discovery of the Not So Sacred Shroud of the not particularly ordinary non-saint, John Not The Apostle, and in honor of Saint Stupid's Day, it has just been reported that John Not The Apostle has been declared an official non-saint of the Not-so-Sacred Roamin' Church. As news of this non-event spread throughout his living room, his housemates went to bed because, as they explained, "It's late." And yet the legond lives on!

The Not So Sacred Shroud of John Not The Apostle
Also Unknown as The Shroud of Touring

Although long thought to be lost in antiquity, the Not So Sacred Shroud of the not particularly ordinary non-saint John Not The Apostle is now being made public for the first time again!

As you know of course (and if not you should be ashamed of yourself for such ignorance!), John Not The Apostle was the original founder or "acharya" as the Indians like to say, of the Not So Holy Roam'n Church and its not-so famous nor overly Holy (but still fun to ride) See Saw, located in Roam mania (which was once located in Athens Delphi until the Yahoo Beast consumed Geocities), until getting its own domain name elsewhere.

At first it was believed by some skinny guy at the Ranch House Steak House in Chamblee Georgia, that our non-saint had been conceived of a virgin, however that was due to an honest misconception, as they say. When John Not The Apostle was born, someone said it was "inconceivable" that such an unattractive baby could ever be born of a human mother. After all, everyone agreed, babies are supposed to be cute! What in the name of all that is holy and just had happened here! This innocent comment was misunderstood by some nabob to mean that his birth was not produced by normal conception (i.e. that it was inconceivable).

Others insisted that he was a "Son of a Dog," but once again it was later discovered that this was just an insulting if understandable comment that had been taken a bit too literally... so to speak. It is now widely acknowledged by all but the most brain dead and fervent members of the long defunct Roam'n Church (may Wolfgang Zimmerman and his brother Bob have mercy on their souls) that the non-saint was actually conceived in, and uninterestingly enough, born in, the changing room of the downtown Atlanta Sears store on Ponce De Leon Blvd. That store was promptly closed for obvious reasons and remains abandoned until this day.

Of course what matters is not his birth, though utterly ordinary it was -- save that the babe was so God-awful ugly! What is celebrated is his death. Indeed, his death brought joy to many people, and not just to those who polish their teeth with bug spray either! Billions of people all around the world were, well, awake on the very day his death is rumored to have happened! Of course, it hasn't happened yet, but most authorities agree that one day it will!

The earliest known account of his Not So Sacred Shroud stems from the days of ancient Rome... Georgia, not far from Atlanta. According to the feeble minded scribe Phoneous Maxipad the Roman legions were all given the day off, with pay, to celebrate the fact that the founder of the Roam'n Church -- whose name only coincidentally resembled the name of their precious little empire and that other church group of whom you may have heard tell, according to the official biographers of the non-Movement -- had called it quits. Little did these ecstatic legionnaires suspect however that the non-saint's earthly remains would be placed in a shroud and secreted away to the future city of Paradise (where many say the Roam'n Church will eventually reach and cease to roam, well, one guy said that anyway... or so I heard...), thus giving rise to what many have called "the most insignificant and uncared for mystery of all times." And again, "Yeah verily! It is not found written in a book! ANY BOOK!"

Indeed! That shroud WAS taken by night and hidden from disinterested eyes throughout the world for many many years. Through wars and revolutions the shroud was ignored and thus never messed with. In 1942 for instance it served the people of Paris as a doorstep. According to tradition, much of which I'm making up as I go along, none of the people of this Texas town who stepped on the shroud in those days had any idea that under their feet was one of the most irrelevant thingymajigs of the ancient world (though it is said that some of them thought they had perchance stepped in cow poop or some similar substance). And how can we blame such Texans, living as they do in the occupied US dreaming of the day when the South rises once again and their Confederate currency is worth more than a mere tourist item? Yeah pity the poor oil barons like the Bushes! May they find baked beans to eat! Surely they could not have known and many have testified publicly to me that not only did they not know, but they couldn't care less and indeed, that if I didn't get out of their yards and stop trying to interview them they would call someone named "Bubba" whom they felt certain would "teach me a lesson" of some kind. I didn't have enough time or funding to wait for Bubba however, and so I never learned my lessons -- difficult is the life of the historian!

Finally, in the year of our Lard 1997, in the merry old month of... June, the shroud surfaced again and was taken online and today it serves a truly noble function. It provides a momentary distraction for people in their offices and homes the world over who have nothing better to do with their precious time than to sit in front of computer screens reading this dribble.

So... Praise be to all that is sort of non-holy in a warped kind of a way!

And so, without further ado-do, it is my utterly nauseous pleasure to bring you:

The Not So Sacred Shroud of John Not The Apostle

Born: June-06-2012
Died October 10, 1220
May he rest in pieces

Happy Saint Stupid's Day!
From your friends at AllFaith.com!

From Last Year:

Happy Saint Stupid's Day!

I just sent this out as an email:

Hi, This is a follow-up to all of my friends to my earlier April Fool's Day Greeting. If you were offended by that message I sincerely apologize. I guess I should have added onto the message that it was an invitation to my blog where the joke is posted. I thought it was obvious, guess not.

This has been a very interesting day for me! I have received several e-mails from people that surprised me. A few people thought I was calling them stupid... I was not. In a few cases people have insulted me, one guy called me an "idiut" (he misspelled "idiot" which made me smile) and so on, in one case a 'friend' dropped me and ordered me never to return to her page because I am obviously "mad" for posting such a message, others apparently thought I was promoting a real saint with a real stupidity mantra...

There is no "Saint Stupid," its a joke name used on April's Fool's Day. I thought this was more commonly known than it seems to be.

For the holiday, I have declared myself a "non-Saint"... i.e. its an April Fool's Day joke [See my next blog].

Again, I thought it was funny. Sorry if any of you were offended or confused.

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The following is a five minute video from San Francisco's Saint Stupid's Day Parade on 2002. I was in this Saint Stupid's Day Parade. See if you can see me, I'm in two quick few scenes.

For the tattle-tale prude who reported my political blog before:
A. If you are the kind of person who reports other people, please leave. You are not welcome on my blog and I don't want you as a 'friend'.
B. There are a couple of mild scenes and verbal references in this video that some of you may offended by (although I can't understand why!). If you are easily offended, don't click the link to watch this video.

Saint Stupid's Day Parade on the Streets of San Francisco:

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