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Hezbollah/Iran May Attack Six US Cities; 10,000 Intercessors Needed NOW!

Mike Evans, founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, has always been a very level headed minister. He does not speak of visions lightly!

I've been feeling these attacks were coming for a while as well and I am convinced that this was a legitimate vision to him from God, and a call to action to us all.

In the past I have discussed the ongoing ministry of the Hinderers. That's what we need to be NOW.

Be a Hinderer!

Hinder the enemy's plan to destroy Israel and the U.S.A through serious, intense, intercessory prayer.

This does not mean join something, send someone money, etc.

This means PRAY!

PRAY for the peace and security of Israel.
Pray that God will thwart Hezbollah's plans to attack the US and that if God allows it, pray that He will protect all those who place their trust in Him.


10,000 intercessors are being called forth!

Spread this call!

From Mike Evans the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team

Dear John,

While in Jerusalem, God gave me a vision concerning America and a major terrorist attack.

In prayer Tuesday night, I saw Hezbollah terrorists attacking the U.S. They were blowing themselves up. I saw six of them attack just a few minutes apart in six different U.S. cities. Great numbers of innocent Americans were dead. It was awful.

Thursday, I received a call from a top government intelligence expert. He told me that Hezbollah cells are in the U.S. and are planning major terrorist attacks if Israel destroys Iran's nuclear reactors. He said Iran wants to kill millions of Jews with the bomb thinking it will usher in the Mahdi (the Muslim Messiah). He said President Obama knows about it and is pressuring Israel NOT to attack. Iran will have the bomb in 12 to 18 months if they are not stopped.

This is the reason for this urgent email. God has shown me the answer that will stop this attack and save tens of thousands of innocent lives. You have a divine assignment from heaven as did Esther and Daniel in the Bible.

God has told me in prayer that a Hezbollah plan to attack America can be stopped with 10,000 intercessors. The Bible says, "Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints." (Jude 1:14)

When Abraham saw judgment coming on Sodom and his family, he cried out and said, "Will you spare Sodom for the sake of ten?" God said, "Yes." God has told me that if 1000 of my inner circle partners (that's you) will enlist ten Christians to commit to pray and bind these demonic Hezbollah terrorists, angels on assignment will be united and defeat these powers. The terror attacks WILL NOT happen.

I am certain I have heard from heaven. Please, even if you cannot send a dollar to help with this campaign, send the names of nine praying saints.

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President Barack Obama wants Israel to halt all construction in East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. He declares it is an obstacle to peace. Between 1948 and 1967 Israel did not occupy those lands. They were attacked hundreds of times. When Israel has surrendered land under past promises of peace, those who took the land used it to attack Israel, i.e., Gaza, Hebron, etc. Why should Israel be forced to give up more land to terrorists who do not believe that the Jews even have a right to exist?


Should President Obama force Israel to stop building homes?

Yes, I support President Obama forcing Israel to give up more land.

No, I do NOT support President Obama forcing Israel to give up more land.

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Thank you for your gift; thank you for joining the Jerusalem Prayer Team Prayer Initiative, and thank you for caring!

Barukh attah Adonai, melekh m'hulal batishbachot.

Blessed are you, Lord, a King to be praised in adoration.

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,

Mike Evans

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