Saturday, July 25, 2009

WHY Obama Was Allowed To Take Office And How He WILL Be Removed

An in-the-know friend shared the following with me.

I can not objectively confirm any of this, however I do know that this friend is in a position wherein such information could come to him from time to time. He has shared a few things with me over the years and I have sometimes shared them here and elsewhere.

Those who have known me for a while may remember for instance that I anticipated the major events of October/November of 2008. Some of this information came from this source. He was the first to notify me that the "dirty bomb" that had been planned to go off near San Diego (that I had talked about) had been confiscated on its way here. He told me about this a few days before the news hit the press. So far he has always been accurate.

Frankly this may be a bit far out there but I wanted to share it because I do respect this source and his information.

Believe or don't.

According to my friend:

The hoopla surrounding the citizenship and Muslim connections of President Obama is being intentionally fostered by those Behind the Curtain (the Secret Government). This is not to say the stories are false. I and others know that Mr. Obama was born in Kenya and that he is not a US citizen. Most in-the-know people within the government and media do. These nagging and lingering doubts about his legal status and loyalty to the nation are serving a greater purpose however.

This Autumn expect a major outbreak of what is wrongly being called the H1 N1 flu strain. At first this lab created virus will be spread through our children as they are vaccinated in the schools. Parents should not allow their children to be infected/vaccinated this year or next for any reason. The new virus is also being released through spraying (chemtrails, direct crop dusting, the water systems) and by other means.

This World Health Organization created pandemic will be the nail in the coffin of the U.S. economy as perhaps as high as millions of workers are bedridden and thousands die. This will bring the U.S. economy to its knees.

Uninfected foreign troops will then be brought in to police the nation, Canada and Mexico. They will wear hazmat suits reinforcing the perception of the extreme threat and eeriness of the situation. This will aid public acceptance of their roles as peace keepers and affirm public dispowerment. This will take place around the first of the year probably as the flu spreads.

Around this time indisputable evidence will be released by the New York Times and other major media sources that Mr. Obama is working with the Al Ikhwan organization and that many of the these foreign troops are actually members of that organization (many of these will be Palestinians and Egyptians while significant numbers will be native born African Americans and Caucasians). Irrefutable evidence of Mr. Obama's Kenyan birth, Indonesian citizenship and Al Ikhwan involvement will then be released to the public in part to spread panic, thus disqualifying the entire government of the nation and leaving people off balance and desperate for alternative security.

This will lead to wide spread race-based riots as many people reject the evidence and are convinced that Obama is being set up, and due to the larger than-expected participation of Black Muslims (Nation of Islam as well as more traditional forms) in these events. There will also be a major resurgence of groups philosophically affiliated with the historic Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations and so on.

Attempting to control these riots and actions the foreign and domestic troops will be granted complete authority under a declaration of martial law, the provisions of the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act.

The Al Ikhwan troops will take advantage of these added powers and begin enforcing Sharia in key areas and establishing places like Detroit as semi-autonomous Muslim communities and encampments. Vocal Christians and Jews will be defined as "potentially terrorist elements" and many churches, religious organizations and synagogues will be closed by federal mandate. Clergy persons will be required by law (under IRC 501(c)(3) to avoid all topics that are negative of political decisions, the growing Islamic presence etc. Those ministers who fail to comply will be indefinitely imprisoned without trial and their church holdings will be confiscated.

The unified military forces will enforce martial law harshly -- as many of these foreign troops begin disrupting the three countries -- ostensibly to restore the peace. Despite the chaos most Americans and Canadians will accept this intervention while most Mexicans will rise in violent protests and that country will become a veritable war zone.

In the absence of a Constitutional government the three countries (the US, Canada and Mexico) the US Supreme Court will temporarily place the nation under the "protection" of the United Nations and the World health organization citing treaties and other legal agreements signed by presidents Bush and Clinton. Citing the Security and Prosperity Partnership agreements the governments of Canada and Mexico will also accept this arraignment.

Now as I say, I have no way to confirm any of this but it certainly fits with what we see "on the ground" and with the prophecies.

Whatever is laying just over the horizon, we need to prepare.

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