Thursday, September 03, 2009

Obama Bans 42 year Christian Tradition But Publically Praises Ramadan!

Blog EntryObama Bans 42 year Christian Tradition But Publically Praises Ramadan!Sep 3, '09 9:21 AM
for everyone
Obama Denies Flyover of 'GOD & Country Rally'
- First Time In Forty Years -Why?
"Because Of Its 'Christian Nature"

This should come as no surprise to anyone at this point, but in the unlikely event that the United States still exists for him to run for re-election of, we need to keep posting this kind of information. If Americans at stupid enough to vote for this interloper again let's at least take away their ability to claim they did not know!

They KNOW! They knew before they elected him the first time time!:

Barry Sotero (his legal name) IS a Muslim.

Barry Sotero IS an al Ikhwan project covert operative working for the destruction of the U.S.

Barry Sotero IS an illegal immigrant in the U.S.

Barry Sotero Wants You Dead!

AllFaith Flix: Obama's Ramadan Vacation

If God does not soon severely smite the United States he owes Sodom and Gomorrah a Serious Apology!

Be As Ready As You Can Be!

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