Friday, February 19, 2010

A Muslim Hate Letter to me... just as an example of the real nature of Islam

Like many of you no doubt, my online writings and work sometimes attract negative reactions from people. The following is from a person who has been writing me lately. The first post was similar to this one however when I answered it respectfully more civil dialogues, questions and challenges came. The past couple of e-mails again became vile and so I didn't reply, after previously asking the author to be more civil if we were to continue.... Then this one came.

I am sharing this for a couple of reasons. One is to simply show the kind of mail I sometimes get, but also because this one contains threats the previous one did not. Documenting it this way might be prudent. We've run the e-mail address and now know the ISP it was sent from so, should the need arise later, the authorities can handle it.

Be advised, the language is not only poorly written, much of it is vile and blasphemous. Those who are offended by such language should NOT continue with this post -- but do come back in a few minutes for my weekly Shabbat video post!

For those unfamiliar with Buddhism, NO real Buddhist would ever write such an e-mail. This is clearly from a ticked off Muslim who is trying to make Buddhists look as intolerant as Muslims. They are not.

Islam teaches taquiya or "justifiable deception" to spread the deen (religion) and ummah (political movement) of Islam. This is one of many examples. Or this could just be the ignorant rantings of a teenager who is mad at his mommy... who can say...

In either case... again, the following uses foul language, contains death threats etc. DO NOT READ FURTHER if this will be offensive to you!

So... here's the unedited post. it begins with "by the way" as written here:

by the way just wait till summer we will show u how we will kick your fucking ass lollllll. (Jews) u will not be able to do anything... ur houses will be burned.. all israel will be on the floor we will destroy u... if hitler didn't finish u up we will be the ones to finsih u up u dirty minded morans.. u will never touch any palastenian child... although im a buddhist, an di love the great lord buddha, i defend the muslims atleast bec they did nothign to peopel and are much better than u, u are not worth toilet shit lollllllllll..
let ur jesus come and save u.... i wish i was there to spit in his face and let them crush him. iw ould have letthe romans crushed his bones not only crucify him..
by the way jesus was thwon in th edumbs over a load of dead bodies. he is a rotten bone now. he was never ressurected.. this was only a myth they made for u to make jesusso important..
if u don't beleive me read cesar's christ.. jesus was made into a mythological god born of a virgin so innocent and ressurected fromt he dead...
jesus is no where near to any enlightenement .. u know nothign about God.. God was never for u jews.. u worship the pig lollllllllllll u fucked up sons of a hoar hahahaha.. i know u wil block me when u read this but for all i care bec u are a peace fo mosquito to me..byeeeeeee

Can anyone say Allahu Akbar: ("The Moon god is great").

This is an example of the so-called "Religion of Peace" Israel and the Western countries are supposed to honor and work with. This is also indicative of the movement Barry Sotero (aka Hussein Obama) is promoting.

Its time to wake up!
Shabbat Shalom

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menaftergod said...

Well John AllFaith, your work is ahead of you.

I wonder at the physical age of this character? As a conversationalist he would seem immature and far too emotional to be a good debate opponent.

And if there was anyone who could relate to a world audience of faith based believers, it would be you. LOL. This guy is using up good oxygen not to mention internet space.

"Lov'n the Lord & Liv'n the Life..."