Monday, February 01, 2010

Try to help and see what you get! Antisemitism in Hati

Israel and the Jewish people have been spending vast amounts of money and human service hours to help the people in Earthquake ravaged Haiti...

Whenever disaster hits God's people are there trying to help... Israeli doctors and relief workers were as usual among the first on the scene and the most tireless volunteers....

So what better opportunity to attack them for being Jews!!! This slander is disgusting!

But its nothing new!

From Mike Evans the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team

Dear John,

As Israel's medical teams with more than forty doctors and hundreds of support personnel continue working around the clock to save lives in Haiti, an ancient evil slur has resurfaced. Internet postings accuse Israeli doctors of harvesting body parts from the people they are treating! This echoes the ancient blood libel that led to the murder of so many Jews in Europe, Asia and Africa.

And this awful smear comes as Israel is leading the world in helping the littlest victims of Haiti's devastating earthquake. They are the Haitian orphans, victims of the massive earthquake that devastated the already impoverished island nation. In an instant their parents were snatched away from them. Now they face a life of fear, loneliness, hunger and despair.

The scale of this tragedy is hard to comprehend. Just hearing the numbers; nearly two hundred thousand killed, hundreds of thousands more left homeless, as many as three million people in need of aid and assistance to survive, a devastated economy and's almost too much to grasp. The need is incredible. And for many people, especially the youngest victims of this tragedy, hope is hard to find.

But Israel is trying to change that...and we can help!


Israel was one of the first nations to respond to the tragedy, sending IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) search and rescue teams, a full field hospital, forty doctors and hundreds of support personnel. These Israeli teams have saved hundreds of lives, pulling many from the rubble, treating some of the most difficult injuries and performing very serious operations.

Israel has a great deal of gratitude for Haiti. In 1947, Haiti was one of the early supporters of the United Nations motion for the creation of the modern state of Israel. And during the 1930s, Haiti issued visas to hundreds of Jews fleeing persecution in Europe at a time when the United States was refusing them entry. This generous step saved hundreds of lives from the Holocaust.

Support and relief personnel from some nations have already left to return home, but the Israeli teams are still in place. They have committed to stay for weeks--helping save lives and rebuild shattered bodies and dreams.

And now Israel is preparing to take another amazing step. The Israeli field hospital, in addition to taking on the most difficult medical cases has also become the center for treating children injured in the earthquake. Many school buildings collapsed, leaving thousands of children who survived critically injured.

Israeli doctors and medical personnel have treated hundreds of them, easing their pain and healing their wounds. But the greatest wounds are not physical--they are emotional. These orphaned children are suffering a pain no medicine can cure.


But something can be done! The government of Israel is working to finalize an agreement to allow hundreds of orphaned Haitian children to be adopted by Jewish families in Israel. Minister of Welfare and Social Services Isaac Herzog said they are working to cut through the red tape that often delays international adoptions to allow these children to be placed in loving families as soon as possible.

The Jerusalem Prayer Team is going to help make this adoption process a reality. Our help will be a blessing to both these precious Haitian children and to Israel as well. We have already raised thousands of dollars for immediate relief and aid to the victims of this massive earthquake...but there is more to be done.

I am praying that 2000 Jerusalem Prayer Team members would respond to this crisis today. I'm asking you to be part of that response and to send a special gift so that the Jerusalem Prayer Team can help these little ones find permanent loving homes. When I saw the despair and desperation in their eyes, I knew we had to help.

I'm coming to you, knowing that you love and care for others, and that your heart is open to this great need. My request is that you send a generous gift so that we can help as many of these children as possible. The need is urgent. There is a very narrow window of opportunity here for us to help.

Please join with me in caring for "the least of these" as an expression of your love for God and as an extension of His love to the world.

Your Ambassador to Jerusalem...and Haiti,

Dr. Michael Evans

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