Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anyone have any info on the Missionary Church Of The Disciples Of Jesus Christ

I'm doing a study on the group: The Missionary Church Of The Disciples Of Jesus Christ.

They are often seen dressed in all white military-looking garb in front of stores asking for donations for their halfway houses etc.

Their website is but it doesn't give much actual information.

I know they are stem from the greater Restoration Movement (which includes groups like The Disciples of Christ and the Church of Christ) of the Second Great Awakening and are headquartered in Southern California (Covena).

They were founded in 1970 by Cuban refugee (Apostol) R. Gonzalez Washington and have about 1000 members according to what I've found.

They are Sabbath Keepers and their doctrinal statement sounds basically mainline Christian other than that.

I know they have been sued several times for soliciting funds (especially by Walmart).

Anyone have any firsthand knowledge about the group etc.? I'll be trying to connect with their organization over the next few days.

~ John