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Larry Naritellifor For California Govenor? What do you think?

I am not yet ready to personally endorse a candidate for governor of my state (California) however I have done enough research to know that Meg Whitman would be a horrible choice. Her Draconian plans would devastate our economy, destroy the state's beleaguered educational system, abandon those truly in need of help, and strip away many our of remaining freedoms liberties. Meg Whitman is not what she appears in my opinion. California is not E-Bay!

Call me "anti-Islamic" if you will, but it also goes without saying that I am not voting for Mohammad Arif!
To learn what al Ikhwan is doing go HERE! Is Mohammad Arif an al Ikhwan operative of supporter (like Barry Sotero)? I don't know -- but its not worth taking that risk!

At this point -- and I still need to do more research -- I am leaning strongly towards supporting Larry Naritelli for the office.

Check him out no matter where live, let me know what you think -- as goes California, so goes the nation: Just ask Nancy Pelosi!

Momentum continues to build, after receiving the endorsement of the South Orange County 912 Group and showing strength in the polls Larry went back to the Central Valley to visit his friends who were part of the Tea Party protests last year against the water restrictions imposed by the Federal Government against the people of our state.

We are continuing to gain supporters and volunteers from the northern border to the southern border, in Sacramento, the East Bay, the Central Coast, Los Angeles, Orange County, and throughout San Diego. The Independence Caucus endorsement was a great lift in early March and we expect more endorsements soon from Conservative organizations and Tea Party groups from across the nation.

Our army of unpaid volunteers are working day and night to get the message out with very little resources. We are up against the big money media machines of the other candidates on the Republican ticket who are paying millions to conceal their records of liberal donations to Democrats and environmental organizations who have created so much damage to our economy and family businesses. One opponent even brags of her affiliation with a corporation that has transferred tens of thousands of jobs out of our state and developed programs to drain sales tax revenues from state coffers.

We will continue to challenge the deceptions and duplicity of those who are trying to undermine our Constitution with progressive policies tied to the false science of "Climate Change" and all attempts to drive up our energy costs with the fraudulent policies that deprive us of our water and oil resources. Be wary of any candidate who claims that we need to sacrifice our wealth to control greenhouse gas emissions for they are trying to destroy this country and overturn the Declaration of Independence with the yoke of global governance. They plan to force us to give up our freedoms and our gun rights while using our education system to deceive our children.

It is time for all Californians to stand up to the corrupt politicians who are in the pockets of foreign interests like George Soros. Our freedoms must be preserved and we will fight for all of the people of our state as we lead the nation away from the bankrupt tyranny of Progressivism and back to the freedom of free market capitalism and prosperity.

Don't stop believin'! California is going to save our country from the foreign interests who are trying to destroy us.

Here is a speech I gave in Redding, CA

Speaking to the folks in Redding 03.29.10
Larry addresses a crowd of Tea Party Patriots at the Bonnyview Baptist church in Redding, CA.

Prior to that I spent an afternoon with the owners of a private ranch in beautiful Northern California. They described how the current regulations, fees, and taxes are crippling their ability to operate. They are the backbone of this state along with all of the other ranchers and farmers who provide food for our country. They are quite dismayed at how the government is cutting back further on their water supplies and driving up costs of electricity and fuel. We discussed my campaign and how we can work together to solve our problems, keep our country strong, and protect all of our Constitutional rights.

After that there was a barbecue with supporters who peppered me with questions about various solutions to our problems. All left with signs and brochures to spread the word of how we will take our state back.

Water, energy, health care, and the economy are all tied together in an effort by elitists to create a socialist democracy to replace our republic, eliminate our Constitution, and our freedoms. We need real Republican leadership to preserve our freedoms. I urge everyone to look at those who are running for Governor and make sure you know their record. Where do they stand and who did they support. We only get one chance to remove the progressive influences that are destroying our job base,our education system, and our government.

For more information visit Larry Naritellifor's website:

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