Monday, April 11, 2011 and Temple Beth HaShem Present: A Passover Tale

We created this audio podcast in celebration of Pesach/Passover. We hope you will enjoy it.

The traditional story of Pesach/Passover re-told by your friends at Temple Beth HaShem of Magalia, California. This audio retelling blends the timeless story with modern relevance in a way we sincerely hope you will enjoy.

Script written by Rabbi Yochanan Levine (me)
Audio and technical work done by Joe
Directed by Joe

Cast in order of first appearance:
Joe: Narrator -- Pharaoh -- voice of the Angle of Death
Minister Leah Levine: Joy -- Pharaoh's Magician
Deacon Ahuva Levine: Rachel -- Butch the Guard
Rabbi Yochanan Levine: Aharon -- Egyptian Taskmaster -- Egyptian Dude -- The Voice of HaShem
Rebbe Larry Levine: Moshe -- Egyptian soldier -- himself

Visit us today at or stop by Temple Beth HaShem in Magalia, Ca.

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