Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Surprize Suprize Surprize... Egypt preparing to Attack Israel

All those who are supporting Al Ikhwan's (i.e. the Muslim brotherhood) takeover of Egypt and the rest of the Middle East will perhaps be happy with this news as well:

I am not.

The following is written by Mike Evans, founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team:

In an interview with an Arab-language newspaper, Egyptian presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei said that if Israel launches attacks on Gaza while he was president, "we would declare war against the Zionist regime." He also said that he would open the Rafah border crossing (closed by Hosni Mubarak to prevent terrorists from smuggling weapons) and "consider different ways to implement the joint Arab defense agreement."

ElBaradei, the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency who stonewalled efforts to stop the nuclear program in Iran and to find evidence of Saddam Hussein's nuclear ambitions, is considered one of the leading candidates for the office in this fall's elections for Egypt's new government. His use of the radical Islamist formulation constantly used by Iran's President Ahmadinejad, "the Zionist regime" to avoid calling the Jewish state Israel, is a further indication of his viewpoint.

The fact, that ElBaradei believes such inflammatory rhetoric will help him gain votes shows how radicalized the Egyptian population has become through the work of the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist and anti-Semitic organizations. ElBaradei also declared that Israel "controls Palestinian soil" and stated his desire to address what he called "the imbalance of power in the region."

Israel is surrounded today by bitter enemies--and the situation is growing worse day by day. More than ever before, we need to stand up and speak out for the Jewish people. More than ever before, we need to offer fervent intercessory prayer for the peace of Jerusalem and the protection of Israel. Today I'm asking for your help with a special project to bless the Chosen People.

This is what the so-called democracy sweeping the Middle East is really about:

Al Ikhwan cries that that the "imbalance of power in the region must be corrected.

And the dolts are falling for it!

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