Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trump for President?

In my view Donald Trump is a mixed bag.
Should he run for POTUS?
Would you, given what you know as of now, vote for him?

He talks a pretty good game...

But is he a just a "joke candidate" as certain Globalist Republicans claim?

He has changed his mind on several important issues... what does he really believe?

His rationale for coming to the pro-life position is troublesome... a man in his position, seeking the office he is seeking, changes his mind on such an essential life and death situation because a personal friend is glad for not murdering his child? That's pretty weak...

AND (not but) what are the alternatives? Hillary? the Queen of Hell? Romney? McCain? I like Palin but she blew it too often. She does not have a chance at the Republican nomination and if she got it she would never beat the Sheik.

Trump talks a good game about China and the Ummah...

And/But what if they refuse to back down? The US is no longer the Superpower.

What if OPEC raises the cost of oil? Doubles it defiantly...

What if China calls in the US debts? They own a huge percentage of the US economy. Could the US survive now if they default and sue us in the World Court?

If either of these scenarios happen under the Trump administration it could mean WW III.

BUT... if the US is afraid to stand back up what does that mean? How will the former Republic ever be restored?

But... Trump? That's hard to swallow....

What are your thoughts on these issues?

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