Sunday, May 15, 2011

Slideshow of the Decieved

This is a slideshow of the deceived.

We should pray for both the deceived and the deceivers. Understand that these are generally sincere people who truly believe they are obeying God's call. How miserable they will be on May 22, 2011. May God comfort them as they mourn and deal with their soon to come embarrassment and humiliation.

Pray that the deceived do not lose all faith in God as a result of this false prophet. May they turn their eyes to HaShem alone and not rely on Nicolaitan deceit.

Pray that the deceived who contemplate suicide when Camping's prophecy fails are comforted and turned from that course by loving family and friends.

Friend, many Millerites, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses and others have been deceived by similar false prophecies and have gone on to live happy lives. So can you! The failure of this prophecy is no cause for suicide nor to doubt God's love for you.

When this prophecy fails (or before) I invite you to contact me if you need someone to talk with who will not judge you and who understands. You are not the first good person to be deceived, nor will you be the last. Keep moving forward!

Pray that those who mock these deceived people do not assume the real prophecies will not be fulfilled as the Bible teaches and thereby further harden their hearts. God is real and HIS prophecies never fail.

And most of all, be prepared for the coming of the global dictatorship that is dawning! Having done all you can to stand...


The official Family Radio 2011 Slideshow.

Unfortunately Multiply is being too careful about scripts and will not allow me to post the embed code for this Vimeo slideshow here. You can watch it on the Family Radio site HERE. Its music and scenes of the deceived around the world handing out material. Camping and others do voice-over work.

Blow the Trumpet All Around the World from Family Radio on Vimeo.

They're all Dead.

But God is still alive.

Camping's prophecy will fail

But HaShem Never Will!

Trust HaShem

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