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REAL Prophecies ARE advancing: Obama Intends To Divide Jerusalem!

According to the biblical prophecies what will bring Rex Mundi (Antichrist/Son of Perdition) into power will be CHAOS.

Most countries of the world, including the al Ikhwan governed USA, are planning to commit a horrific SIN -- they intend to divide the holy capital of the Jewish people and give a portion of it to al Ikhwan (through a so-called "Palestinian" state.

Since its rebirth as a modern nation the UN and other Luciferian globalist powers have denied the Jews the right to have Jerusalem as their official capital. NOW these powers plan to give a large portion of the beleaguered city to al Ikhwan to be the capital of terrorist state!

This will doubtless increase the chaos now rocking much of the globe. We PRAY that Israel will not capitulate with this DESOLATION and ABOMINATION of the Holy City of David, eternal capital of the Jewish people! We PRAY the government and people of Israel will stand against ANY country and ANY power that seeks to do or support this EVIL. We PRAY that ALL people of goodwill and faith everywhere will STAND with Israel at this critical juncture and we BEG HASHEM the ONE TRUE GOD to give Benjamin Netanyahu and the government of Israel the COURAGE, the MEANS, the global support and the FAITH to STAND and to Succeed! IF Netanyahu refuses to stand we pray that HaShem will give Israel Jewish leadership that will!

This from our friend Michael Evans and the Jerusalem Prayer team:

From Mike Evans the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team

Dear John,

A battle is being fought here in Washington, D.C. Ancient prophecy and modern-day conspiracy are on a collision course. Less than forty-eight hours before Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in Washington, President Obama announced to the world that he fully intended to divide Jerusalem and use all resources available to him to give a PLO terrorist state all of Israel's land retaken during the Six Days War. This is the same organization that has launched over 20,000 terrorist attacks against Israel through missiles, suicide bombers, etc.

If you had any doubts as to why the book "Cursed: The Conspiracy to Divide Jerusalem" was written and why President Obama's picture is on the front cover, there should be no further questions. Prime Minister Netanyahu will speak to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, May 24. He is fighting for the life of his country.

On September 20, 2001, he spoke to the U.S. House of Representatives Government Reform Committee. He said, "September 11 was a wake-up call from hell that has opened our eyes to the horrors that await us tomorrow if we fail to act today."

A war of biblical proportions is being fought between a Liberal Left president and his state department and the leaders of the nation of Israel. Never has Israel experienced as much pressure and attack by the U.S. government as it has now.

Etched into the wall of the main lobby of the CIA's original headquarters are the words, "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." I have stood by Israeli prime ministers for decades as they have been dragged from one bargaining table to another and have been forced to cede land for peace.

Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, is a terrorist stronghold. The vast majority of Palestinian Christians have been forced from their homes by radical Muslim fanatics. Some 460 towns and villages in Israel have been turned over to the PLO, including Jericho, Hebron, and even Gaza.

President Obama's view is that all of America agrees on a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. This is both false and outrageous! His belief that the biggest threats to stability in the Middle East are al Qaeda and Israel is sick. The belief system that embraces giving radical Islam another capital will pacify the Palestinians is absurd. Bowing down to Muslim leaders and apologizing does not neutralize America's war with radical Islam; it only emboldens the fanatics. If America touches prophecy--Jerusalem--a curse will come upon America.

The Bible says, "I will bless them who bless thee, and curse him who curses thee." (Genesis 12:3) The prophet Zechariah proclaimed that the nations which touch Jerusalem would injure themselves.

Listen closely. You can hear the hoofbeats of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse attempting to bring deceit, destruction, and devastation to our beloved nation. This is a battle between two books, two kingdoms, and two spirits. I am going to boldly stand. I've rebuked national security advisors, presidents, and secretaries of state such as Hillary Clinton, with no thought of winning a popularity contest. Self-loathing will not end the war on terror.

The Jerusalem Prayer Team is blanketing the nation with a television special on this subject. It is airing somewhere right now. We've stepped out by faith and purchased airtime while believing that God will supply. (FIND WHEN SAVE JERUSALEM IS AIRING NEAR YOU: ) We have placed the book, "Cursed," into the hands of every conceivable person in an attempt to open eyes to the truth.

This is the only national campaign supporting Israel in the midst of this battle. Please support this campaign today. It is urgent!


President Obama believes there is no military solution to Israel's problems and that Israel's own government is the repository of evil. He apparently believes that terrorism is punishment for past sins. "We have met the enemy, and he is us." Attitude has replaced moral clarity. The Bible admonishes, "'Ye that make mention of the Lord keep not silence, And give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth." (Isaiah 62: 6-7)

President Bill Clinton attempted to divide Jerusalem. It was his only major Middle East foreign policy decision in 2001 before President George W. Bush took office. It emboldened radical Islam to strike America. For more than two decades before the attack on the World Trade Center Towers, I cried out that America was developing a tolerance for terror and that terrorists would strike New York City's tallest building first.

People called me foolish and ignored the prophecy. This is the same way they ignored the prophecy in 2007 that Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, and Libya would be overthrown by revolution and that it would spread across the entire Middle East. This was in the #1 New York Times bestseller, "The Final Move Beyond Iraq." The back cover says:

"An Islamic revolution is spreading and is on the brink of becoming America's greatest threat since the Civil War."

Please send your largest gift possible today to help me with this battle. I've requested a meeting with the prime minister. I am the person who anointed him with oil and prophesied over him almost thirty years ago. I told him he would be prime minister of Israel twice. I relayed the prophecy to Prime Minister Begin and asked him to give Netanyahu a position in his government.


For a gift of $60 or more today, I will send you copies of "Cursed" and "The Final Move Beyond Iraq." If you already own these two books, share them with a friend. It is so important to get the word out.

Please send your best gift today so that we can sound the alarm and warn believers of the looming threat before it's too late. Please pray with and for me during this crisis time.

Barukh atah Adonai eloheinu melekh ha-olam, ozier Yisrael bigvurah.

Blessed art thou, Lord our God, King of the universe, who girds Israel with might.

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,

Dr. Michael Evans

The HOPE Lives On!


HaTikva: The Hope

As long as the Jewish spirit is yearning deep in the heart,

With eyes turned toward the East, looking toward Zion,

Then our hope - the two-thousand-year-old hope - will not be lost:

To be a free people in our land,

The land of Zion and Jerusalem.

Kol ode balevav
P'nimah -

Nefesh Yehudi homiyah

Ulfa'atey mizrach kadimah
Ayin l'tzion tzofiyah.

Ode lo avdah tikvatenu
Hatikvah bat shnot alpayim:

L'hiyot am chofshi b'artzenu -
Eretz Tzion v'Yerushalayim.

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