Monday, May 02, 2011

May 21, 2011, Doomsday and our beliefs

Shalom friends,

I recently received a question about the prophecy portions of the Seeker level lessons at our Yeshiva Beth HaShem (our free authentic Messianic Jewish school). It is generally accurate to assume that if one person has such a question and asks it, others may be wondering as well and not ask. So I wanted to share these points:

Authentic Messianic Judaism is in no way a "doomesday cult" (nor a cult of any other kind).

As the prophecy lessons begin by stating, there are legitimate differences of opinion on these topics and all talmidim (students) are encouraged to determine what they believe based on their own biblical research regarding them. At the same time, Yeshiva Beth HaShem would be remiss not to cover these important topics according to our understandings in our lessons.
We do take the prophecies seriously.

A few points:

No one knows "the day nor the hour" however we are taught by Rebbe Y'shua that those who are paying attention will know the "watch" or "season" in which the Kingdom will be established (Matthew 24:43, I Thessalonians 5). This watch or season is based biblically on the restoration of Zion (Daniel 4, Matthew 24:32: hence either 1948 or 1967: when Israel was re-established or when Jerusalem was re-acquired by Israel).

Many folks are concerned about Harold Camping's soon to fail prophecy (this is what prompted the question -- see my short video on the topic: ).

Camping's calculations are completely flawed because his dates for the flood are wrong biblically (Biblical date: 1611 HH or 2150 BCE: Genesis 7,8), because there is no biblical correlation between the dates of the global flood and the establishment of the Kingdom, and because the Rapture and Predestination are false doctrines not supported by accurate biblical teaching, and because the Bible does not teach that only 200 million people will be "saved."

May 21 and October 21 will be non-events like Y2K and like Camping's other two failed end of the world prophecies (for 1988 and 1994).

Our job as rabbis is to share our understandings of authentic doctrine. The prophecies are a necessary part of this sharing.

I hope this clarifies these concerns.

Iif you have any questions about the teachings please never hesitate to ask.


~ Messianic Rabbi
Yochanan Levine

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