Monday, August 06, 2012

Does This Mean Romney is Now Pro-Israel? Nope

Yesterday the Unity Coalition for Israel released a bit of propaganda aimed at suggesting that Jews should support Romney. The facts do no such thing. IF Romney makes the pledge the piece suggests it will be a good sign of his support for Israel. Thus far however, including in the weak speech this piece alludes to, Romney's Israel policies and views remain unknown. Don't drink the Kool-aid. If Romney wants the votes of pro-Israel Jews and Christians he needs to earn our trust. Thus far he hasn't.

Romney acts on this pledge (which is not his) and promises to sign the bill (which he had nothing to with crafting) it will go a long way to his getting my support. I heard the speech. It was weak at best as I commented on in my previous blogs. When Gingrich brought up acknowledging Jerusalem as our legally recognized capital during a debate Romney made a "can you believe this guy" smirk that revealed volumes. I see no evidence that Romney is a friend of Israel or non-billionaire Americans.

The UCI (
) is Christian organization with some Jewish involvement. Of itself this is not a bad thing of course, Christians should support Israel, but most of the UCI Christians are Right Wing Republicans who want to see Romney elected whatever his position on Israel really is. The known facts about Romney do not support their political rhetoric.

Time will tell.

Romney needs to speak up and act
. If he wants to be ruler he needs to show some courage and tell the world what he thinks about Israel. The endorsement of the UCI means little until he does. It is a dangerous thing for anyone or any group to assume they know the mind of a politician, especially one as slippery and non-committal as Romney.

My advice remains not to commit to either candidate until Romney himself comes out of the closet about Israel and his views. Assuming he is with us is both unfounded and dangerous.

Dear Governor Mitt Romney,

Thank you for your clear declaration of solidarity with Israel during your interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN when you were recently in Jerusalem.

With many other Americans who admire Israel, I applaud your firm stand to fulfill the Jerusalem Embassy Act, voted overwhelmingly into Public Law in 1995 (#104-45 passed by both Democrats and Republicans). Moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel`s capital, is a long overdue Congressional commitment.

The Jerusalem Embassy Act 1995 is American law! It is only the continuous waivers that have prevented the movement of the Embassy. The current bills in Congress would remove this waiver and your voiced support for the Embassy move will certainly facilitate passage of this bill.

I agree with your statement: "A nation has the capacity to choose its own capital city, and Jerusalem is Israel`s capital. I think it`s long been the policy to ultimately have our Embassy in the nation`s capital of Jerusalem ... I would follow the same policy we have had in the past; our Embassy would be in the capital, and the timing of that is something I would want to work out in accordance with the government of Israel."

As you know, your support in moving the Embassy is extremely important because it will symbolically demonstrate to the world the strong bond between Israel and the United States. All major institutions of Israel`s government are located in Jerusalem - not in Tel Aviv, e.g. the Supreme Court, the Knesset (Parliament), the Office of the Prime Minister, and the residences and offices of most government leaders. Once the Embassy is moved, other nations will be encouraged to follow the leadership of the U.S., thereby demonstrating greater world-wide support for Israel. The US has its Embassy in the capitol city of every country in the world. Israel is the only exception.

The Unity Coalition for Israel speaks for millions of Americans who support Israel as our strongest ally in the Middle East. Your willingness to speak out on this vital issue is greatly appreciated. You have highlighted the injustice of not having our Embassy in the Capital city of Jerusalem and demonstrated to your supporters and to non-supporters alike that you are determined to correct a wrong because it is the right thing to do.

With great appreciation for your leadership,

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