Tuesday, August 07, 2012

My New Blog Home -- Plus My New Messianic Group

Hi friends,
Barring the unexpected, I think I've found my new blog home:

I will probably use a single blog there rather than two, using my oldest and best known screen name, John of AllFaith.
This site offers all the basic features of Multiply plus few more. It seems more open to free speech and content than most of the other blog sites I've checked out lately. And its free (and they say they plan to remain that way). Several of the other sites are giving free limited space with bandwidth restrictions etc. that can fast become a pain and lead to lost material.

Those who are looking for a new home may want to check this one out. If you like what you find, let's connect there!


Also, those who are interested in authentic Messianic Judaism are invited to join my new group:

Y'shua's Talmidim:

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