Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney Confirms the Re-election of Obama

Well.... at least he didn't pick Condi Rice or Ron Paul! That's something I guess...

With the choice of Paul Ryan for his VP Corporatist Mit Romney confirms that his administration, if elected, will be applying draconian budget cutting measures, further crippling those who can least afford the hit. All those who rely on Social Security (now or in the future), Medicare (now or in the future), WICK, Food Stamps, unemployment insurance, AFDC etc. need to think very carefully before voting this November.

Probably (not certainly because Romney is still mainly mute on the subject) Romney would be better than Obama when it comes to Israel. However that's not the only critical issue. This unwise VP selection will doubtless add more Independents to the Democrat/al Ikhwan party voting block and leave innumerable "lower class," underemployed, unemployed, elderly and disabled voters feeling politically and economically dis-empowered. This will inevitably means that more people will vote for Obama (whose Islamo-Marxist agenda will not as directly assault ones survival in the short term) or it will mean staying away from the polling places all together.

Californian and other Republicans had no vote in selecting Romney as the Republican nominee. Those who got no vote in the matter and those who voted for someone other than Romney because they wanted a Conservative nominee to represent them, have no reason to vote Romney now, especially those of us the Republican hierarchy did not allow to vote on the nominee. Like W. Bush, Mit Romney does not share the views of the majority of Republicans so why vote for him?

Fact: Opposing the Obama agenda (which most Americans still do not understand) by committing personal and national economic suicide will not sit well with many voters, including Republicans.

This latest out of touch misstep could well cinch the election for Obama and I suspect it has.

At this point I plan to sit the election out. I don't see how I can vote for either of these globalists as a compassionate nationalist American.

When the only options are Globalist-Fascism (Romney) and Marxism mixed with Islamic-fascism (Obama) how does a freedom-minded person choose? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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