Friday, November 25, 2011

Service Schedule Time Changes

Shalom all,

Due to timing considerations expressed by various people Temple Beth HaShem and its various ministries have decided to change our broadcast times.

Shabbat of course always begins approximately 18 minutes before sunset on Fridays local time. During the winter months this often means around 4:30 PM and in the summer sunset is often late into the evening. This makes sharing in services difficult, especially with many of people living on both US coasts and beyond.

These changes are intended to make communications and sharing between us easier. Our websites and blogs will be updated to reflect these changes as soon as possible. Your thoughts on these changes are sincerely invited. They are as follows:

Congregation Beth HaTikvah

Hakham Yochanan ben Zalman of our Congregation Beth HaTikvah in Yardley, PA has announced that their broadcast Shabbat services will now take place at 7 PM EASTERN time each week (they will be lighting their candles as Shabbat begins regardless of broadcast time). Their live broadcasts can be viewed here:
Once our Temple Beth HaShem website is back online these broadcasts will also be available here:

Temple Beth HaShem

Temple Beth HaShem is now in its new home in Fort Bragg, CA. The new temple and gift shop are NOW located at:

Temple Beth HaShem
474 South Franklin
Fort Bragg, CA 95437

The first service in their new location will be held tonight at 7 PM. Rebbe Larry plans to light the Shabbat candles according to the service time (so around 7:10 pm) and thus will be lighting the candles during the broadcast year round. Because the internet is not yet hooked up there Rebbe Larry will not be able to broadcast from there tonight. Since the internet is not yet available at the new shul, Rabbi Yochanan will be presenting the Beth HaShem service live at 7 PM PACIFIC tonight. All future Shabbat services from Temple Beth HaShem will be at 7 PM Pacific.

As soon as we can manage it, the Temple Beth HaShem Shabbat service will be broadcast live from the Fort Bragg shul and offered by Rebbe Larry Levine. These Shabbat services can be watched live here: at UStream or live on our website: (once the website is back online)

Once Rebbe Larry resumes the regular Shabbat service there we at Beth Yachad plan to join his service via the Net rather than offer a separate service from here.

Congregation Beth Yachad

We at Beth Yachad (in Yankee Hill, CA) will be broadcasting the weekly Parsha readings every Saturday at 11 AM Pacific as well as our ongoing prophecy series at 1 PM Pacific.

To watch the Parsha reading:
And our site:

To watch and/or read the Prophecy Study:
or at:

"What Matters Most" with Rabbi Yochanan will continue at 5:30 PM Pacific time. It can be viewed here:

If you have any thoughts or questions about the new schedule please share them with us. We are trying to make things more consistent and more readily available for you.


~ Rebbe Larry Levine (Temple Beth HaShem)
~ Rabbi Yochanan Levine (Beth Yachad)

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