Monday, November 21, 2011

We're Back Home... Temple Website Hacked... Obladee Oblahdah...

We're back home (Oroville area California) now.

The trip was wonderful in more ways than we can express! We met with several of the yeshiva talmidim (students) and other friends and family members all across the US from Northern Ca to Rochester, NY to Yardley, PA, Pigeon Forge, NC, to Atlanta, GA, down into Ormond Beach and western Florida, to Dothan, Al and Dallas, Tx... . We performed weddings, conversion rites, an ordination, spoke to several people in various settings and more.... We exalted in the splendor of HaShem's creations as we experienced the sheer might of Niagara Falls, the awesome beauty of the Great Smokies, the swamps, rivers and people of the Southeast.... Oy! Such a blessing!

Over the next few days I hope to add the rest of the videos and photos not yet uploaded to our trip page as well as a bit description to put them into context:

We do have one difficulty however. The best I can figure is that a hacker has managed to take over the web site NAME. It currently has an alt page (that is not of our choosing!). I have spoken with the group that now controls our domain name (we don't now how they gained control of it!) and they have assured me this matter will be resolved soon. Please join with us in prayer to this end! and were not hacked and remain secure. All of the files for the temple website are safe and will be restored asap. This was an attack on our domain name not on our web server. Once I regain control of the name I will transfer it to a dependable host (where all the others were... Rebbe had paid for this name well into the future and so when I came on the scene I saw no reason for move it and loose that money... Now I do... not all name servers are honest nor professional. Thanks for your patience on this. We hope to resolve this within a day or two.

NOTE: Rebbe Larry and Hakham Leah are recovering nicely from their auto accident. They plan to sign the papers on the new shul and bookstore (in Fort Bragg, CA) on Wednesday and begin local services shortly thereafter. Hakham Ahuva and I will be remaining in this area (Orville-Chico-Paradise-Yankee Hill-Concow) for now at least. Those wishing to assist Rebbe with the new temple and gift shop may contact him by mail at:

Temple Beth HaShem
32200 space 25 North Harbor Dr.
Fort Bragg, CA. 95437

Please Be in Prayer: Our brother (Rebbe's dear son) Froim may have to go in for surgery soon. As many of you know, Froim is severely disabled. Carefully placed rods in his body enable him to walk and apparently one of these snapped after Froim took a fall recently. Rebbe told me you can feel the broken rod under his skin. Please be in prayer for Froim. He is a man overflowing with love and goodness and we pray for HaShem's mercy to be upon him.

Those who have yet to receive replies from me, thanks for your patience. I hope to be caught up completely within a few days. Feel free to write and confirm that I am aware of your issues etc. In such situations things are sometimes lost.

May HaShem bless you all in the upcoming week!

~ Rabbi Yochanan Levine

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